Types of Closets and How to Choose the Best One

Types of Closet and How to Choose the Best One

Sufficient home storage is a crucial component that allows you to keep your clothes and other personal belonging in a more organized manner. It improves your home’s aesthetic and gives you a relaxed and comfortable lifestyle.

When planning a closet, it is good to know that there are different types. It may not be easy for you to choose the best one, especially when it’s for the first time. In this article, you’ll learn about the types of closest and know the best type that suits your needs and expectations.

What are the Different Types of Closets?

Before you proceed to purchase the closest, think about your storage needs. What type of items do you want to store in your closest? What is the quantity? Answering these questions will give you an overview of what you should expect when shopping for closets.

Walk-In Closest

This is a very common type of a closest in most homes today. It is suitably placed in the master bedroom because it requires adequate space. Its beauty is that you can store anything from clothes, bags, belts, and shoes without worrying about additional space.

It is customized as per your needs, and you can also place the closest in a huge room as long as there is enough ventilation. Most people love this type of closest because it is versatile. This means that you can place in hanging rods, shelves, drawers, and all kinds of accessories to help you get organized.

It is big enough to accommodate more than you need, and it also has vertical space that you can use as additional storage space. Below are several benefits that a walk-in closet offers.

• You can install a mirror and other stuff and use it as a dressing room because it is a private spot.
• A walk-in closet is open, and you can customize it to store multiple accessories and other personal items.
• The storage is safe. You can lock the area to keep your valuables secure within the home.
• Since the area is spacious, you can retrieve stuff without worrying about de-cluttering.

When you decide to purchase this type of closest, give it careful consideration before you proceed. You need to understand that a walk-in closet comes with corners and angles, and it can be challenging to deal with. You need to know how to use it and maximize the available space.

Reach-In Closets

Reach-in closets are also popular types and are mostly located in the children’s bedrooms, the hallways, and older homes’ regular bedrooms. However, they are smaller than the walk-in closet.

They are usually built-in with accordion, hinged, or barn doors and allow you to reach in and grab what you need easily.

The storage space is suitable for installing shelves, drawers, and open racks, and you can also include boxes, cube organizers, and bins. Below are the benefits of reach-in closets.

• You can combine various storage options if you position it well. A contractor can help you open up the space to create more room for additional storage and keep the area organized.
• Reach-in closets consist of long bars where you can hang your clothes. You can use the drawers and shelves to store shirts, ties, and pants without occupying much space.
• The area is also suitable for storing shoes and cosmetics in an organized manner, making the place look appealing.
• You can also store lingerie, jewelry, and other accessories based on your personal storage preferences.

Reach-in closets are the traditional types of closets used to store clothes using a rod. They come with an open shelf on the top. They range between 3 to 8 feet and can be condensed since all your belongings are within reach.

Armoires or Wardrobes

Your home can only get better and more appealing with classic wardrobes and armories. Armoires are decorative and free-standing closets large in size and offer the same function as a wardrobe. If your bedroom doesn’t have a storage area, go for wardrobes and armories.

They are purchased from a furniture store, or you can have them custom made as per your storage needs. They come in various sizes, patterns and serve multiple purposes in your home.

Armoires and wardrobes are also affordable, and you can go for them if you have a limited budget to construct a built-in unit. Here are the several benefits.

• They are portable. Meaning, you can move an armoire or wardrobe from one room to another based on your storage needs.
• Armories and wardrobes come with hanging space and shelves where you can store your personal belongings with ease.
• They are sizable enough to fit your storage needs with the closest organizers, making your room look neat.
• You can place the armoire in the living room and use it for TV storage, among other items.
• Move an armoire in the dining room to store tableware such as cutlery and crockery or even place some artifacts in there to give a personal touch to your home.

Some wardrobes can be wooden or made of fabric with a zipped front, while others have sliding and hinged doors. You can place some in the hallways, and others are suitable in the corners.

Wardrobes often come with mirrors on the side, and you can check yourself out as you dress up. Before you purchase wardrobes, know that they are smaller and with a short rod suitable for kids’ clothes since they are mostly used as toy storage.

Linen Closet

Linen closets are the smallest version of reach-in closest. They are narrow and suitable for bedrooms and bathrooms. Linen closets can help you store bed sheets, towels, bedding, bathroom utilities, and pillows. They are common in modern homes and are used to store a washer and a dryer.

Make the Perfect Choice of a Closest

From the different types of closets above, it is clear that you have various considerations to make. The final choice depends on your storage needs, personal tastes, budget, and preferences. Your goal should be to leave your home organized and neat. Remember, a closet is more than a storage space for your shoes and clothes. It offers a way to declutter and stay organized.