Custom Closet Systems: 7 Design Rules to Follow

Custom Closet Systems: 7 Design Rules to Follow

Deciding to organize your closest can change your life. However, the process is more involved than just deciding if you want drawers, shelves, and hanging poles in your space. You also have to determine exactly what your storage needs are for the items you own and how to organize them to make your life easier.

How to Customize Your Closet

When it comes to a custom closet organization system, here are some guidelines to help you create the closet that will fulfill your deepest desires.

1. Determine the Dimensions of Your Clothes

When storing clothes in your closet, you can hang them, place them on shelves or store them in drawers. Knowing the dimensions of your clothes will ensure that you get the right system for your storage needs. Not only will this keep your clothes looking amazing, but it will also ensure that you have the right amount of space.

Typically, closets are between 14 and 24 inches deep. Items such as coats, jackets, shirts, and blouses will easily fit within 24 inches without anything sticking out. When it comes to folded shirts and sweaters, these require between 9 and 15 inches of space for proper storage.

However, if you are fine with some items protruding into the walking area, then getting a closet with less depth can give you more floor space, which may allow you to include an island. If you are worried about running into clothing items that stick out and knocking them off, then you’ll want to make your closet as deep as possible.

In addition to depth, you also have to consider vertical space. You don’t want your coats, pants, and skirts hitting bottom, as this could cause them to wrinkle. Depending on how long your coats are, these may require up to 68 inches of vertical space. In general, pants and jeans require up to 50 inches, while long skirts may need 45 inches.

Working with a designer might be in your best interest to ensure that all of your needs are met.

2. Figure Out How Many Single- and Double-Hanging Sections You’ll Need

Once you have determined the dimensions of your clothes, you’ll then need to figure out how many single- and double-hanging sections you’ll want and need within the closet. Looking at how many of the different clothing items you own will help with this endeavor.

Slacks, shirts, and blouses are often hung on double hangs, while long coats, jackets, dresses, and evening gowns are placed on single hangs. The fewer single-hang sections you have, the more you’ll be able to maximize the storage space in your closet.

When it comes to men’s closest, these usually don’t require many single-hang sections at all. About the only time these are included is for hunting gear and long coats. Otherwise, double-hang sections will make the closet more organized and ensure that space is utilized properly.

3. Use Corners to Your Advantage

You might not have considered this before, but corners can be incredibly challenging. You can’t avoid corners, but they can also minimize the amount of usable space you have in your closet. When trying to create a custom closet system, it’s important that you figure out a way to use corners to your advantage.

Some solutions for this might include adding corner shelving or using corners to hang purses or luggage. Again, working with a designer can ensure that you are using every part of your closet to its fullest potential and creating all the storage space you need.

4. Make Space for Your Shoes

Adding a shoe rack to your closet is ideal when it comes to organizing your footwear. Not only does this keep them out of the way, but it also makes them easier to find. Some of the considerations you have to consider when it comes to the shoe rack are making sure they are big enough to store all of your shoes and that it helps you save space in your closet.

Both men’s and women’s shoes vary in size. When it comes to creating a shoe rack, the general rule is to allow 7 to 12 inches of space per pair. How much room this takes up in your closet will depend on how many pairs of shoes you own.

5. Your Accessories Are Important

Up to this point, finding the right custom closet system has only considered the clothes and shoes you keep in this space. However, your accessories are important as well. Thus, when finding a way to organize your closet, it’s important to consider if you will be storing belts, ties, purses, jewelry, luggage, or other items. Then, you’ll have to decide what items should be hung and what can be stored on shelves or in drawers.

6. Add an Island

Should you find that you have enough space in your closet, you’ll want to consider adding an island seriously. This will give you extra storage space make your closet luxurious. The smallest walkways you can get away with between the island and the rest of the closet is 24 inches. Anything less, and your closet will be crowded.

7. Consider a Bench

In addition to an island, if you have enough space, you should consider adding a bench. This creates an ideal place to put on pants, button your shirts and get into your shoes.

Creating Your Dream Closet

When it comes to creating your dream closet, there is a lot you have to consider. You want to make sure you have enough space to store and organize your belongings. To achieve this, you have to take into consideration the items you keep in your closet. Working with a professional is the best option, as they’ll be able to create a custom closet system that fulfills all of your storage wants and needs.