Transform Your Space With These Custom Closet Ideas


Coming up with custom closet ideas can be a fun job as you get to design a closet that matches your personal needs and preferences. A closet helps you to organize your space. However, closets are not created equal. Unless you think out of the box and choose a closet that fits your taste, you will not be able to achieve your design goals. When designing your own closet, be sure to explore these ideas.

1. Perform a closet clean up

You will never know what dimensions you need unless you start getting rid of all the clutter in your closet. If you continue to keep items that you are no longer using, you will end up making a bigger closet. Unnecessary items are the reason you are overspending on a custom closet project. It is important that you know what you are keeping in your closet. One way that you can meet your storage requirements is by having a better idea of which items need to stay and which ones you have to let go.

2. Include a laundry hamper

A busy day at work can leave you all worn down. Once you get home, you have no time to put them in a washer. If you have a laundry hamper incorporated into your custom closet, tossing your clothes in it will not be a problem. Be sure to place it near your bedroom door so you do not have to walk extra steps when you feel like dozing off.

3. Sort items

Be sure to make a closet that is gender-friendly. It should be able to accommodate both genders. You can find things more quickly if there is a dedicated space for him and her. Avoid adding a theme that is only specific to one gender. Each should have a side where items can be sorted.

4. Invest in good lighting

You will need to add lighting especially if you have a wall closet as it will showcase your clothes. The lights have to be placed in all areas of your room so you can see the colors properly. If you have drawers and bins, good lighting will also help you identify what is stored inside.

5. Choose closet materials wisely

A custom closet is a wise investment if you have taken the time to choose the right materials. The paint and materials you choose will depend on your personality. It is important that your custom closet complements the overall look and feel of your bedroom.

If you need expert hands with creating a custom closet, a specialist can help you all throughout the process.