7 Notorious Closet Problems and the Solutions

7 Notorious Closet Problems and the Solutions

Staying in a neatly organized home is the wish of every homeowner. It makes you comfortable and relaxed. However, storage comes with various challenges, especially when there is insufficient storage space in your home.

Having many items in the closet can make your home look cluttered and untidy if you lack the space. Below are the common storage problems most people face and the solutions they can implement to keep the space neat and organized.

Closet Space Problems Solved

Insufficient Lighting

Sufficient lighting will give you a seamless experience when dressing up early morning as you prepare to go to work. You do not need to struggle to look for your favorite wear and to check yourself in the mirror to ensure your face is brightened up for the day. Change your lighting fixtures to brighten up your closet.

No Space in Your Closet

Your closet needs sufficient space to make your activities easier. This may not be possible if the space is too small. If you have a small closet, consider implementing unique solutions to maximize the available space. You will need to re-design your space to create extra room for more items, or you can store some outside your closet.

Clothes and Shoes Pile-Up

Sometimes, your closet can get cluttered with shoes, clothes, belts, and bags. It makes your closet appear disorganized and untidy. You need to arrange your items to avoid pile-up and confusion. Even if you’re a busy person and do not have the time, consider setting aside few minutes to organize the closet.

Too Much Stuff in the Closet

If you have too many items in your closet, it can be hard to keep the place neat and organized. In this case, you need to start by selecting the items in different categories. For instance, you should separate clothes from shoes and bags.

When done, determine where to store each item to avoid mix-up. If there are items you do not frequently use, consider storing them away from your closet. Only keep essential items to create more space in the closet.

Clothes Keep Falling from the Hanger

After washing and probably ironing your clothes, you can hang them in your closet and quickly pick them out when necessary. However, some clothes often fall from the hangers due to poor quality hangers. In this case, consider investing in quality hangers that can keep your clothes up for as long as you want.

If possible, get wooden hangers with a rubber at the end of a divot to hold your clothes firmly without slipping off. This keeps your closet organized, neat, and uniform, thus, appealing to the eye.

Clothes Wear And Tear Due To Moths and Mold

When clothes stay long in a damp place, they can develop mold and start deteriorating. This causes the clothes to tear, and you may not be able to use them again. For the best outcome, ensure you store your clothes in a dry place.

You can use tight, dry, and clean containers and ensure you vacuum the closet often to avoid mold build-up. Also, place a natural moth repellent in your closet to prevent moth occurrence.

Inaccessible Areas in Your Closet

If your closet is small, it can be challenging to access some areas. This leads to struggles when you want to use some items in the closet. Consider opening up the wall to create flexibility in your closet. You can install sliding doors and expandable shelves to pull out things easily.

The Bottom Line

Using the tips above can help you create a transparent, organized, and neat closet that will make everything easier for you. While you may spend a few dollars on the project, it is worth every investment because it saves you time in the long run.