Countertop Types & Styles To Match Your Kitchen Cabinets

Countertop Types & Styles To Match Your Kitchen Cabinets

There are several options available for your countertop styles and cabinets. You’ll want to keep the color scheme simple and can’t simply match the two. The style comes through with the right choice of countertop surfaces, and then you’ll have the perfect match.

How To Pick a Style To Match Your Countertops And Cabinets

The cabinets and countertops are the eye-catchers in your kitchen. The style choices must match in a flattering way to the colors selected. That allows simple accessories to pop in the decor. Some of the best homes featured in magazines for home and decor follow those fundamental aspects. The result is stunning.

Step 1. The first thing to do is select those complementary colors. Remember to select base colors that are easily adapted to new accent colors. That way, your kitchen can change over the years to match the times. This goes double if you’re planning to sell.
Step 2. Next, consider how your backsplash will work. It could be an exact match as the countertop or contrasting color.
Step 3. Then decide if your floors should match your cabinets. If you keep them the same, you’ll need to determine if you want to go with a traditional look or something more modern.

Countertop Material Choices To Consider

It would help if you based your choice of countertops on the color choices first. Then, consider what you’ll use the countertops for. If you want to do a lot of baking, you might like marble or granite.

Marble Counter Tops

This natural stone choice offers longevity and a unique distinction to the kitchen. It’s perfect for bakers in the kitchen. The ease of use makes it easy to keep clean as well.

Quartz Counter Tops

These are just as versatile, but they also last longer than marble. Keep in mind that some quartz isn’t made of that alone. Ask about the quartz you’re ordering.

Granite Counter Tops

Granite is a popular choice for countertops. It’s relatively durable, less costly, and offers several style options. The cut of the rock changes the look for style preferences.

Concrete Counter Tops

If your goal is more rustic, this is a perfect choice. It does last well and is undoubtedly very inexpensive compared to other counter choices.

Butcher Block Counter Tops

Another inexpensive choice is the butcher block countertop. Since it is wood, it’s more porous than other choices. The finish of the wood is where you’ll need to decide on your style.

Stainless Steel Counter Tops

This is the choice of the chef. The stainless steel surface is perfect for cooking and baking. It’s easily cleaned and offers a reasonably sturdy choice. It’s not ideal for homes with children because it does stain.

Laminate Counter Tops

These are the ones used for the most cost-effective kitchens. They aren’t as long-lasting, and they stain easily. However, they are a simple way to spend less on a kitchen countertop.

Tile Counter Tops

These are such an artistic choice for your countertops. Tile countertops are tricky to use if cooking and baking is your goal. The maintenance is intense. The grout needs frequent maintenance, and the tiles can easily crack.

Backsplashes and Countertops

Your backsplash can match the countertop, or you can select another coordinating color to compliment the look. The choice is up to your personal preferences for the style. A more modern look uses the same surface material.

The Rustic Look

Many country kitchens have used colorful backsplashes to use more materials in the area. It’s literally born from a desire to use what is simple and inexpensive. The French culture made it famous and popular in many kitchens today.

The Professional Kitchen Look

The stainless steel look is how to achieve this look. When the backsplash matches the countertops, it isn’t stylish in the sense of distinction; instead, it creates a clean and simplistic appearance.

You should never use the same surface on your countertops as your cabinets unless the simplistic look is your goal. You can pick the correct counter surface; however, to make your kitchen the perfect place for the desired use while looking stylish and staying on budget, you need some difference that acts as a counterpoint to the countertop.