Kitchen Counter And Cabinet Finish Combinations

Kitchen Counter And Cabinet Finish Combinations

If you’re ready to rehab your kitchen or are building a new house, you have a lot of decisions to make. Your choice of cabinets, both in finish and in function, will have a big impact on your enjoyment of your home.

Real Estate Considerations

No matter how big your kitchen is, the cabinets and the countertop will take up a lot of real estate. Your color and finish choices will have a strong impact every time you step into the space. If you choose a countertop and cabinet finish that contrasts strongly, the room may be energizing or jarring. If you choose similar tones for both features, the room can be calming or blah.

Workspace Requirements

Your cabinets and countertop need to work for you. The cabinet finish needs to be easy to wash and durable. Your countertops will need to tolerate hot baking dishes and stew pots. It’s also a good idea to incorporate under-cabinet lighting into your kitchen design. Many new styles of under-cabinet lighting are motion-controlled, so if you need to reach for something on the counter, the light will come on for you automatically. Safety and convenience can save you injury and breakage.

Build In Convenience

If you’ve got the space for a pantry, consider adding chalkboard panels to the inside of your pantry cabinets. You can list your grocery needs here and take a photo when you head to the store. No worrying about forgetting your list! If a pantry isn’t allowed in the square footage you have available, consider a floor to ceiling rolling cabinet with shelving that can be accessed from both sides. These versatile rollers allow you to store a lot of food and see exactly what you have on hand.

Show Off Your Most Beautiful Pieces

If you enjoy displaying your most beautiful glassware, consider adding glass panels and interior cabinet lighting for your prettiest things. Short cooks can use upper cabinets for display, or you can turn one cabinet space into a display cabinet from floor to ceiling. By keeping your most precious pieces front and center, you can turn every day into a special event.

Your new kitchen can be energizing or soothing. No matter what finishes you choose, it will be functional. Consider all the activities that go on in your kitchen and think about the easiest way to get them done. You and your loved ones deserve a kitchen that will function simply and efficiently.