Store Your Out-of-Season Clothes Right

Store Your Out-of-Season Clothes Right

Although you may live in Florida, where summer clothes are worn in the winter, you may have a wardrobe from up North. Maybe you go back to visit and want to be prepared for the blustery cold days ahead.

Even in Florida, the seasons and temperatures change. Especially if your locations change, you’ll want to store your out-of-season clothes correctly. How do your store these clothes so they retain their beauty? Here are some tips.

Questions Often Asked About Storing Your Clothes

Should you wash clothes before you begin?

Take into account the clothes you will be wearing for the season. Then put aside the others to head to storage. Wash clothes that will be stored and be sure they are thoroughly dry, as moths are attracted to the stains in your clothing and mold to the dampness.

Should you hang or fold?

Clothes that would stretch while being hung should be folded instead. On the other hand, clothes that would wrinkle from being folded should be hung on hangers. Remember not to cram an abundance of folded clothing into a container, as this will cause unwanted wrinkles. This way, you’ll be ready for the next season “right out of the box.”

A closet organizer can help you keep hung stored items separate from your clothes for the current season. Don’t overcrowd the closet. You may need a separate wardrobe closet or a walk-in closet.

How do you fold clothing in order?

You can fill a container for your folded clothing with the bulkier items, such as sweaters, at the bottom. Add lighter fabrics until you get to the most delicate on the top, but don’t cram.

Should you use cardboard or plastic for storage?

Plastic bins should always be a choice over cardboard. Rodents and pests favor cardboard. Be sure the plastic bin has a tight-fitting lid; label it to know what is inside.

What is the best storage bag for hanging items?

A garment bag, preferably one with a window, will allow the clothing to breathe, including delicate items and those for special occasions.

How do you protect delicate items?

Acid-free tissue helps protect the clothing, especially if there is embroidery, lace, or something that could snag on a rougher fabric. This type of tissue will also prevent discoloration.

How do you store shoes?

Give the soles a quick soaping and rinse, dry them and then store in bins or cloth bags. There are storage bins made especially for shoes, and they can often be kept under a bed. Storage solutions may be readily available through the right accessories.

What about mothballs?

Mothballs are a pesticide; that is their purpose, and they are effective at killing the feasting buggers. However, if you don’t want to deal with this poison, choose cedar blocks or line drawers with cedar. There are also pesticide-free mothballs available.

Can you store out-of-season clothing in a walk-in closet?

Yes, it may be a wise choice if you have a walk-in closet design that allows for clothing storage during the other seasons. There may be features that help you keep your current wardrobe available while facilitating storage of out-of-season clothing.

These are some tips and a video for the storage of seasonal clothes. A professional designer may help you find the right storage solution for your needs.