How Custom Cabinets Can Help Reduce Clutter in Your Kitchen

How Custom Cabinets Can Help Reduce Clutter in Your Kitchen

The kitchen is often the most affected room in matters of clutter. Between all the appliances you have to fit in there, the utensils, spices, and other dry ingredients, there never seems to be enough space to fit everything. What can you do?

There are many ways to reduce clutter, including organizing everything, only keeping what you need in the kitchen and planning renovations. The latter is a feasible option because it provides a permanent solution to the problem.

Installing new cabinets will give you more storage space and make your kitchen look better. With custom-made cabinets, you get useful spaces designed precisely how you want them. If you have been looking into this option, here are a few suggestions you will find helpful.

Designing the Kitchen Cabinets

Have Both Closed and Open Cabinets

You cannot cover your entire kitchen wall with cabinets. Instead, you can be creative and create a perfect mix of open and closed spaces. Make open shelves where you will place beautiful cups, plates, and glasses.

The not-so-good-looking items can be placed inside the closed drawers. This design gives more storage space while still allowing an aesthetic appeal.

Pull-out shelves

Being unable to reach the items stored at the back of your cabinets can be annoying. Worse yet is having them fall over and disorganize everything when you try and reach for something.

Having pull-out cabinets ensures everything is within reach. You never have to strain to reach something or make the mistake of forgetting that you already have something and repurchase it.

Tiered shelves in tall cabinets

Tiered shelves make it easy to see and retrieve things stored in the cupboard. With the different tiers neatly arranged, you will be able to see everything clearly at a glance.

This idea is perfect for making the cupboard where you will be keeping your spices.

Use Vertical Dividers for Storing Flat Items

Flat and nearly flat items like chopping boards, dinner trays, platters, and others can take up a lot of space. You need to find a way to ensure they do not take up all your storage space.

Fitting tall cabinets with vertical dividers is a perfect solution. You can keep each item in its own compartment, and it will not take up too much space. A plate rack can also be used to organize flat plates.

Another option is using a wire rack. Hang this on a cabinet door, and you can keep your chopping boards on it.

Storing Items in the Kitchen Cabinets

If you need to fit your kitchen with custom cabinets, you need to talk to RoyalPalm Closet Design & Fine Cabinetry. We are a licensed and insured team of designers who can help you recreate any part of your home. They will create perfectly crafted cabinets in your kitchen, bedroom, office, and any other part of the house.

The customized kitchen cabinets you get with us are made in-house and designed with the baking of many years of experience.

Keeping Your Items in Kitchen Cabinets

So, what next after getting your new cabinets? You need to make some organizational changes, or it will just be a matter of time before you have clutter again. Some things do to include:

  • Using a lazy Suzan to keep things handy.
  • Use a turntable for storing spices for easy access.
  • Keep similar colored items together.
  • Organize utensils according to their uses.
  • Keep frequently used items in labeled jars and containers.

Other Ways to Declutter

There are many benefits of decluttering the kitchen. You will feel free to work in the space, the kitchen is cleaner, and it sets the pace for decluttering the whole home, to name but a few.

Getting functional cabinets and arranging items will not be the only solution to clutter in your kitchen. You need to remove duplicates and expired items, move equipment you no longer use, and clear countertops. Pots and pans also need to be organized.