Questions to Ask Your Closet Designer

Questions to Ask Your Closet Designer

Looking for a closet designer that will take care of your custom cabinet project requires more than just asking for the price. You need to ask the right questions and determine whether they will be a good fit for what you have planned in mind. 

Have your closet designer answer these questions

When having a custom cabinet built or remodeling your current wardrobe, the first thing you should do is find a good custom closet company. Most companies offer free design consultation and have their designer look at your current cabinet and check your clothing inventory. 

Now, you might have several closet designers on your list. How do you narrow down your choices and eventually choose the best one? Ask the right questions. We have them right here. 

How long has your company been around?

When choosing a closet company, always opt for those with an extensive history in the business. When a company has been around for years and has a long list of satisfied customers, then you know that they are good enough to handle your custom cabinet project. It is safe to assume that they have the experience and know very well what they are doing. 

What can I expect?

It is essential to know and understand the process of building your closet. This will also allow you to pitch in your ideas and work closely with the designer. Most design consultations start with a visit from the company. They will check the area and give you a complete walkthrough of the whole process from conceptualizing the design, finalizing, and providing a price quote. This will usually take about an hour. 

What are my options?

You can check the company’s website for what’s included in their service, but nothing beats a detailed talk with a closet designer and a visit to a showroom. They can explain to you what your options are and find the one that suits your area best. Discuss what materials, hardware, and color options you can consider. 

Questions to Ask Your Closet Designer

How long will the installation take?

Before installing your custom closet, it is necessary to clear the area and remove the existing wardrobe. When you have a good idea of how long the installation will take, you can prepare in advance. Most installations take around a day to finish but could vary depending on the size and complexity of the cabinet. 

Do you offer financing?

Having a custom closet installed doesn’t cost too much but if there is an affordable way to pay for it, always grab the chance. Many closet companies offer to finance. It doesn’t hurt to ask for available financing before making any purchase. Speak to your closet designer if they have this program available in your area. 

Final thoughts

There is no doubt that closet design can be complicated at first, but once you find a suitable design company, everything will go smoothly from there. Once you are done asking the questions and deciding on your designer, the next step would be arranging a meeting and discussing what you have in mind for your wardrobe. 

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