Which Custom Wood Cabinets Are Right for You?

When you install cabinetry in your kitchen or bathroom, you must remember that it’s going to be there for years to come. For this reason, it’s important to install cabinetry that you truly love.

How do you get cabinets that you love? By customizing them so that they fit your exact preferences and needs.

Of course, if you’ve never thought about customizing cabinets before, you’re probably clueless as to how exactly it should be done.

Read on to find out what type of custom wood cabinets are right for you.

What to Consider When Designing Custom Wood Cabinets


Wood cabinets come in all different types of styles, from classic vintage styles to sleek modern styles. Of course, when custom designing your cabinetry, you can incorporate elements from tons of different styles.

It’s important to choose a style which you not only love now but which you’ll love years from now as well.


While the style of your cabinets is important, you should never sacrifice functionality for the sake of style. The entire purpose of having cabinetry is to store away important items so that they can be easily accessed.

Do everything you can to keep your cabinet accessible, prioritizing reachable shelves and drawers.


When designing custom wood cabinets, you need to consider their overall size. Your cabinets will not be sitting in isolation; they will be amongst other items and appliances with which they must be compatible.

For small rooms such as bathrooms, you’re best served by skinny cabinetry. For large rooms where storage space is a priority, you’ll be best served by wide cabinets.


While you’re going to have your cabinetry for years to come, it’s still important to spend within your means. There are tons of trinkets that you can throw onto your cabinets, but unless they’re absolutely necessary, you should consider not including them.

Your best bet is to set realistic minimum and maximum spending limits and to spend within those limits.

Woods to Consider

Cherry Wood

Cherry wood possesses a slight red color tone to go with a close grain appearance. A generally smooth wood, it allows finishes and primers to be applied with ease.

Maple Wood

Maple wood is characterized by a light white color and a fairly close grain. Like cherry wood, it’s smooth and allows for the easy application of finish.

Oak Wood

Oakwood possesses a much darker color tone that cherry and maple wood. It ranges in color from brown to red to white. While it’s got a fairly close grain, it carries a more rough appearance overall.

Walnut Wood

Walnut wood carries a number of contrasting colors, from red to white to brown, and everything in between. Possessing a very close grain, it evokes a feeling of sleek smoothness.

Work with a Custom Cabinet Designer

Perhaps the best way to get the right custom wood cabinets for you is to work with a custom designer. If you’re interested in working with a custom designer, we here at Royal Palm Closet Design & Fine Cabinetry are the ones to turn to.

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