The 5 Best Wood Choices for Your Wine Cabinet

No legitimate wine connoisseur leaves his or her wine bottles sitting on an open counter top or in a standard cupboard.

A legitimate wine enthusiast makes use of a wine cabinet.

Wine cabinets are designed to accommodate two primary purposes: to hold sturdy while housing many bottles of wine, and to evoke a feeling of classy sophistication.

To accomplish this goal, wine cabinets are typically made out of very particular types of wood. But which woods work best?

Here are the 5 best wood choices for your wine cabinet.

1. Mahogany

Mahogany is a great wood for wine cabinets because of its general durability and moisture-resistance. An exceedingly hard wood, it rarely warps or shrinks.

This wood possesses a fairly close and straight wood grain, giving it a subdued, but classic appearance.

Mahogany is typically a fairly expensive wood, but offers quite a bit of value for its price.

Types of mahogany include Genuine, African, and Malaysian. Each different type offers its own particular aesthetics.

2. Redwood

Redwood is similar to mahogany in that it’s durable and resistant to moisture. The reason that redwood is resistant to moisture is that it contains oils which act as a preservative, staving off any type of residue.

Appearance-wise, it’s a beautiful wood. In fact, its appearance is the primary reason wine enthusiasts use it for their wine cabinets.

While redwood is a little on the expensive side, it’s still not quite as expensive as mahogany. Common redwood types include dawn redwood, giant sequoia redwood, and coast redwood.

3. Pine

Another frequently used wood for wine cabinet purposes is pine. While not as strong as redwood and mahogany, it’s a great deal less expensive.

This type of wood is lightweight and fairly easy to bend. For this reason, it’s not ideally suited for large cabinets which must hold a great deal of weight.

While it possesses a fairly neutral appearance, pine stains exceedingly well, and can present a number of aesthetically-pleasing styles.

Common pine types include hoop pine, Parana pine, and jack pine.

4. Walnut

While it’s not used as often as pine, mahogany, and redwood, walnut is still sometimes used for wine cabinets.

A fairly hard wood, it possesses above-average moisture resistance properties.

Walnut is typically used for high-end furniture in which appearance is paramount. It really gives off a sleek and smooth aesthetic. Common types of walnut include black walnut, English walnut, and Bastogne walnut.

5. Red Oak

The last type of wood we’ll discuss is red oak. Used mostly for high-end furniture, it works terrifically for building wine cabinets.

This type of wood is very hard and heavy. It does a good job of staving off moisture, making it great for a wine cabinet.

Aesthetically-speaking, it’s a beauty. With a fairly straight grain, it stains exceptionally well.

While it’s not the most common type of wood used for wine cabinets, it’s still a suitable one.

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