New Purpose for Seldom Used Space

When people think about having custom cabinetry installed in their home, they tend to think about their closets or garages. Rather than simply redoing an area of your home, however, it might make a lot more sense to create a new area in a room that seldom gets used. Not only will this add a lot of value to your home, but it can create a functional space that allows you to use your home longer. Consider the following ideas.

1. Home office. Use custom cabinetry to design a place where the whole family is able to work on everything from paying bills to homework. A spare bedroom or even part of a living or family room can be converted into an area with multiple desks and storage cabinets. Many home offices include specialty cabinetry for school supplies, locking file cabinets, and even specialty lighting and nooks to hide computer cords and equipment. Best of all, everything can be designed to fold away when not in use.

2. Dressing room. Instead of just adding some storage to a closet, consider converting a closet or area of your bedroom into a dressing room. These rooms are in high demand in luxury homes, and typically come with areas to display shoes and clothes, as well as lighted make-up tables and specialty locking cabinets for holding jewelry. Your clothes, jewelry, and cosmetics will be protected, and the area often doubles as a quiet space away from the kids.

3. Entertainment area. If you’re like most people, you probably have a large TV, an extensive DVD and Blu-Ray collection, several game systems with an accompanying library of video games, and a pile of board games. Rather than shove everything into a closet or buy a cheap piece of particle board furniture to hold everything, consider creating a custom, built-in media center. This can be just a few cabinets, or it can take up an entire room of your house. It’s possible to create an area that includes computers and extra seating. Since media rooms are one of the most asked-for features in new homes today, creating a built-in entertainment area can also be a great investment.

4. Reading nook. These areas are great on their own or combined with a home office or entertainment area. Custom built cabinets and shelves hold books and e-readers, while other areas contain comfortable chairs and lighting that can be folded up when not in use. These can be added to a bedroom or even installed in an semi-outdoor area such as a sun room.