Cool Closets for Smart Guys

You’re in there every morning getting ready for work. It might be fairly well-organized, or it might resemble a clothing factory explosion. It’s one those places in the home that’s easily taken for granted, but every guy deserves a cool closet that he can call his own.

Room to Organize

The idea that women are more organized than men remains debatable, but consider the logistical difference in your clothing. Pants on a hanger take up half the space that a dress commands. A closet designed for men’s clothing allows for vertical storage with double rods that leave plenty of breathing room for casual shirts and suit jackets. This over-under advantage frees up the interior for built-in shelving, slide-out drawers and even custom shoe and hat racks. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to stay organized when there’s a perfect place for everything.

Clothing Survival

A custom closet is more than a convenient place to get dressed; it saves your clothes from the indignities of your busy lifestyle. Shirts won’t land on the floor when they have a space to call their own. Ties looped on pegs are spared the torment of tangling on wire hangers. Pants won’t be strangled into wrinkled embarrassments when you hang their belts on storage hooks. Disguise a laundry hamper behind a pull-out panel, and you have a hiding place for dirty clothes. A smart closet layout keeps your wardrobe fresh, pressed and ready to wear.

Custom Touches

You might not think of them as accessories, but all those extras deserve a sheltered space too. Pull-out compartment drawers keep sunglasses safe from scratches and provide a secure haven for favorite cuff links and expensive watches. Your closet is climate-controlled storage, so enjoy built-in drawers for stashing seasonal clothing all year round. Even small walk-ins have room for personal touches like a shelf that doubles as a charging station for all your gadgets. From full-length mirrors to a secret wall safe, you can install almost anything in a custom closet.

Personal Space

While decorating might not be high on your to-do list, consider the time spent getting dressed, matching the right suit and tie or deciding on which ball cap to wear. Why not do it in an environment that’s organized and comfortable? Today’s custom closets offer dark woods and contemporary designs that appeal to your cool, masculine nature, and the right contractor can make all the details work. If your current layout is too tight for a renovation, think about installing floor-to-ceiling units along one wall. There’s always a solution for expanding small spaces, and you’ll enjoy the benefits for years to come.

You don’t have to be a compulsive coordinator to appreciate well-organized storage. Imagine everything within easy reach at the start the day and a place for it all when you’re ready to hang it up. A custom closet might not inspire new heights of neatness, but you’ll appreciate its cool factor every day.