Utilizing Custom Cabinetry in Unique Spaces

Most individuals understand the difference custom cabinetry can make in a kitchen or bathroom. However, not everyone grasps the effect it has on other rooms in the home. The rooms listed below are some of the neglected areas in which custom cabinetry can have a huge impact:

Laundry rooms:

In many houses, the laundry room is tucked away out of sight. Therefore, it seldom gets the attention that others rooms in the home command. However, the installation of custom cabinetry in a laundry room can make it more efficient and attractive. For example, in most standard laundry rooms, counter space for folding clothing is limited as are storage possibilities.

Custom cabinetry will take the size of the space into consideration during the design process and thereby determine the best layout for the optimal usage of the room. Sinks and folding counters along with cabinets with doors for hiding unattractive cleaning products can all be added to a laundry room. The end result is a well laid out and attractive room that is more useful and attractive.


A garage’s purpose is not only housing a car. However, that is often the only focus within a garage. Fortunately, when utilizing custom cabinetry, there are many more options for garages. For example, cabinets installed flush to the walls with doors make a great place to house home improvement and gardening tools, cleaning products, dry goods and many other such items. Open faced cabinets with hangers make an ideal location for hanging coats, storing shoes along with gloves and scarves for easy access on the way out of the house.

When the professionals layout the best cabinetry option, they take into account the size of the garage and what the needs are that must be addressed. From this information, a cabinetry layout will be employed that will make the most use of the available space while providing adequate storage for all needs.

Pantry closets:

As mentioned above, many understand the importance of custom cabinetry in the kitchen. However, often times, the custom platforms stop in the kitchen and do not extend into the pantry. This is unfortunate because custom cabinetry in the pantry can make the whole kitchen operate more efficiently and cut down on food waste.

Housed within the typical pantry are food items along with brooms and mops. Utilizing a design geared towards the space available will ensure each nook and cranny is utilized to its fullest ensuring home owners have the most food and implement storage possible within their pantries.

Home offices:

Another oft neglected space in a home is the office. For many professionals today, working out of their homes has become commonplace. Therefore, the creation of an efficient workspace is imperative. To easily complete this task, the utilization of custom cabinetry is employed to meet all an individual’s needs within the confines of the space allowed.

Design options for home offices range from elegant and stately to minimal and useful. Designs should be based upon the purpose of the home office. A private office that is not opened to clients should take into account the home owner’s needs alone while an office that clients will frequent should communicate professionalism to counteract the fact that the office is in a home instead of an office building.