Signs Your Kitchen Needs New Cabinets

Signs Your Kitchen Needs New Cabinets

The tools and utensils in the kitchen often require a lot of storage space. However, changes in your kitchen cabinets can lead to functional or aesthetic discomfort. Because it’s such a common space, your kitchen should meet your needs as much as possible.

Here are a few signs that you may need new kitchen cabinets.

#1. Your Cabinet Doors Look Worn

Wear and tear happen to your kitchen appliances and cabinet doors naturally. Just as you would replace the appliances when they break down, you should replace your cabinets when they wear out. Kitchen cabinets usually last about 50 years, but different situations can shorten a cabinet’s lifespan, such as:

  • Objects banging into the doors
  • Having a house with already old cabinets
  • Water damage, making the wood spoil or buckle
  • Low-quality cabinets to begin with

If the cabinets look like they’ve weathered a storm, you should consider retiring them.

#2. Your Cabinets Look Outdated

Your style and ideas naturally change over time, but cabinets don’t change on their own. If you’ve started a kitchen renovation project, the existing cabinets might not fit your new design. If you are moving into a new house, you may end up dealing with cheap cabinet materials.

You can replace them with custom cabinets that fit your style and design, making them more suitable and pleasant.

#3. Your Cabinet Doors Aren’t Functioning As They Should

Cabinet doors should close and become flush with the rest of the cabinet. However, some cabinets might not close properly over time due to the amount of heat and moisture in kitchen environments. Builders make cabinets that withstand much exposure to the elements, but the materials can warp over time.

The warping can make it impossible to fully close the doors, leading to gaps, stiffness, or jamming. With more substantial damage, the entire cabinet can bubble or stick, making them much harder to open. We advise replacing the door or entire cabinet in such cases.

#4. Your Kitchen Isn’t as Functional as You Need It to Be

The entire purpose of any kitchen revolves around functionality and ease of use. A redesign is overdue if the kitchen doesn’t meet those requirements and you find the room tedious. For example, consider renovations if you need more counter space or don’t have enough storage.

Modern kitchen designs incorporate fantastic and thoughtful cabinet placements that make life easier. We advise speaking with a kitchen remodeler and finding examples of new kitchen cabinets to make your dreams a reality.

Who to Call When Replacing Cabinets in Your Kitchen

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