Raised Panel vs Flat Panel Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Raised Panel vs Flat Panel Kitchen Cabinet Doors

When you walk into a kitchen, you’ll always notice its cabinetry, especially if they are wall cabinets. With the right appliances, wood, and design, your kitchen can ultimately uplift your home’s beauty and value.

Kitchen cabinets can evoke different design styles, from modern and transitional to traditional aesthetics; every style has its beauty and uniqueness. Thus, whether you want something in a  contemporary flair or a classic style, raised panel and shaker cabinets are among the most sought-after cabinet door styles. But which style is best for your kitchen or home?

Raised Panel Cabinet

Raised panel cabinets feature a center panel that is higher and slightly raised than the main surface or surrounding wood. This design became popular during the American colonial period when people associated them with wealthy people. Construction-wise, these cabinet doors boast a panel attached using carving or adhesive grooves to a door frame, creating an overlay or an outer rim.

The center panel has a curved design that slopes towards the edges, creating a raised effect. This gives it an outstanding appearance, making it look like it was made out of a large, single plank. Since they come in different designs and styles, these cabinet doors can fit both modern and traditional kitchen styling.

Pros of a Raised Panel Cabinet

Raised panel cabinets feature ornate designs and groove edges, providing plenty of options for opulent or dramatic designs. Since most tend to be more ornate and darker, you can barely see grime and dirt accumulating on these cabinets. Rail and molding options offer you plenty of choices for your kitchen design. If you desire to make your kitchen feel formal, consider investing in raised panel cabinets.

Flat Panel Cabinet

It is a type of recessed cabinet door characterized by a simple design. Flat-panel cabinet doors often feature a minimalistic design and a panel surrounded by a frame. They are popular and currently in vogue because of their clean and sleek design. Often used in contemporary and modern looks, these cabinet doors can help elevate your home regardless of your kitchen’s design. For example, the shaker cabinet style is popular because of its ability to intermingle with various kitchen styles and simplicity.

Flat-panel cabinets are famous for their well-crafted and polished woodwork that leans towards the utilitarian and austere aesthetic. Furthermore, cabinetry in this design uses the best hardwood available, like ash, cherry, chestnut, pine, and oak. The style and design of these flat panel cabinets are simple with no ornamentation and with moderate proportions, squared edges, and prominent straight lines.

Pros of a Flat Panel Cabinet

These cabinets can be incorporated into any kitchen configuration with their simple design while remaining minimalistic. This design means that you can clean and maintain them easily since there is not much work required to repair them. And since they are versatile and timeless, they can help elevate your home’s resale value.


Both raised panel and flat panel cabinets add a unique character and value to your kitchen. Regardless of the design you pick, you will be able to enhance the appearance of your kitchen with the design you want. If you want help finding your perfect pick, we are here to help. Contact us, and we will assist you in picking the design that blends in with your home and one that works perfectly for you.