Choosing the Right Wall Color to Match New Kitchen Cabinets

Not sure which kitchen wall color to choose? Get to know some savvy tips to achieve the interior design you want for your modern kitchen.

Upgrading your kitchen cabinets or installing new ones completely changes the appearance of your kitchen. Many homeowners find that they want a new kitchen wall color that sets off their new cabinets just right. Choosing the right color for your kitchen depends majorly on what your new cabinets look like, so learn how to decide on the best palette for your kitchen.

Match Your Cabinets’ Natural Color

Wooden cabinets typically have a warm appearance, whether you’ve only sealed the natural color or stained them to the perfect hue. Lighter colors with yellow or orange undertones match the look of wooden cabinets without overpowering them. Meanwhile, metal cabinets left without a coat of paint often appear in cool grays, making it easy to use soft silvers as a background.

You can also use bold colors to bring out the natural coloring of your wood or metal cabinets. Popular colors include dark reds and blues, both of which pair well with warm and cool tones.

Complement Painted Cabinet Colors

Depending on your kitchen cabinet color paint, you can complement the hue with the right kitchen wall color. Use a color wheel or your natural inclination to guide you in choosing the right color to go with your painted kitchen cabinets.

Modern kitchens often feature white cabinets, which stand out well against darker wall colors, though consider the amount of natural light your kitchen gets before using too dark of a hue. Lighter wall colors work best in kitchens with limited windows or access to natural light, as the tones will bounce the light around and, in general, brighten the room.

You Can’t Go Wrong with Classic White

If you can’t decide on a color, you can use the most classic of all wall paints: white. Benjamin Moore offers a color called White Dove that works well with any color cabinets you have. This gentle white contains both warm and cool underlays that pair well with warm or cool cabinet colors.

A gentle white tinted with color provides a much easier view than stark white walls, so if you don’t choose White Dove, you can always find another white with warm or cool hues. Another benefit to choosing white walls lies in the easy ability to paint over the color if you ever choose to redecorate your kitchen. This option also makes it easier to sell your home, as potential buyers can more easily imagine themselves in the space and choose how they wish to alter it to match their own color preferences.

Create the Kitchen of Your Dreams in Fort Myers, FL

Designing a new kitchen requires you to consider everything from your cabinets to your kitchen wall color. Professional kitchen designers can make the project easier, offering experience that maximizes your kitchen’s space and meets your wishes at the same time.

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