Making the Most of Your Kitchen Remodel: Counter and Sink Options

Making it Just Right

When the time comes to remodel your kitchen, it presents the opportunity to add all the little touches you have desired while functioning in your current area. From sinks to countertops and shelving, you have the chance to remedy any deficiencies you have put up with and take advantage of more modern designs and materials.

The only difficulty you will face is sorting out your many options. Vendors now provide so many different variations with a wide range of materials it can almost be overwhelming. However, trained and certified professionals such as those you will find at Royal Palm Custom Cabinetry can help you with the process and provide the information and guidance you often need.

When designing your remodel, there are three basic considerations to think through. These include your:

• Budget
• Functional factors
• Tastes in design

As you weigh the various tradeoffs between these elements, you will begin to narrow down the selections you might choose. For instance, even if you love and can afford the finest fireclay sinks, you might not want to spend the time and effort it takes to keep them looking their best. Likewise, finding the exact double sink you want might not be available in stainless steel and copper.

When it comes to countertops, you’ll be impressed by the wide range of materials and colors available. You know how important your countertops are to the overall look of your kitchen and to providing you the functional workspace you need. As one of the most dominant features of your kitchen, the countertops will often drive other design considerations.

Choosing the Materials for Your Sink

Of course, everyone has their personal preference concerning sinks. Some simply can’t accept getting along without deep double sinks, others prefer to devote less space and are happy with smaller single sinks. Regardless of your desires, here are some materials you will find available for most sink options:

• Stainless steel. This is the go to choice for the majority of kitchens. It’s a highly functional choice with a range of styles, sizes and types. The brushed or satin finish shows fewer scratches.
• Cast iron. With its enamel finish, this is a classic and very durable. Available in many colors, be careful not to pick one you’ll tire of.
• Composite granite. Increasingly popular, these sinks are durable but more fragile than the steel and cast iron.
• Copper. These provide some uniqueness and are antimicrobial.

Countertops that Please

Your sink will have to mesh with your countertops. Your design consultant can help you evaluate various tradeoffs between these materials. For instance, soapstone makes a beautiful countertop. However, you may find some of these stain too easily, and you have to understand that time produces a patina on the stone. Other options include:

• Quartz. You can match your sink with most quartz options. However, understand that dings and scratches are more visible in the darker colors.
• Natural stone. A variety of looks are available, from the natural soapstone to custom mosaics.
• Laminate. Today’s laminates are attractive, durable and affordable. They provide easy care and many design options.
• Granite. For a look of elegance and style, it’s hard to beat granite. Durable and timeless, you can have your granite sealed for better stain and scratch resistance.

There are numerous other options, including trademarked products such as Coran and Silestone. Let your consultant help you choose the right elements for your dream kitchen.

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