Is a Bathroom Remodel in Your Future?

Storage is often the most important and overlooked aspect of bathroom remodeling projects. Furniture-like cabinetry systems versus built-in choice has to be made. Each has its own benefits. The storage solution should meet the needs and lifestyle of the homeowner.

The most exciting portion of a bathroom remodeling project is choosing materials and décor. Even experienced remodelers can be stumped. There are many choices in styles. That can make selection more difficult. Contemporary styles have an understated presence with clean lines and muted tones. Traditional styles offer old world charm. Rustic and country styles provide interesting remodeling choices.

A bathroom serves as a sanctuary in some homes. It is a comfortable place to retreat and escape the stress of everyday life. A relaxing shower, comforting bath, and other amenities help make it a place of importance. The right design transforms an ordinary bathroom into a functional living space. Combine quality fixtures and cabinets with craftsmanship of installation for an impressive bath. A variety of types, colors, and styles is provided by Royal Palm Custom Closets and Cabinets.

Consideration of cost is made by experienced installers. Smaller budgets might allow for only minor adjustments. Paint change or new hardware on cabinets can make a difference. Having fixtures refaced in lieu of replacement might be an ideal budget-friendly choice for a bathroom remodeling project. Refacing fixtures and cabinetry are known by experienced remodelers to be both time-friendly and cost-effective. A successfully complete bathroom remodeling project has taken style, storage, time and cost into account.

Essential components in any bathroom are the vanity cabinets. They can be used to add drama to décor and design. Bathroom vanity cabinets provide a place for the faucets and sink, countertop space, and storage below. It is important that everything in the bathroom has a place that can be accessed easily. Bathroom closets and vanity cabinets provide organization and clutter is reduced.

The cabinets that are selected and installed should be the foremost focus of the design. Any lifestyle, home design or budget can have customized quality cabinets from professional designers at affordable prices. Technology and talent have made great strides in the industry.

Luxury homes have a high demand for closets that serve as a dressing room. Consider converting a closet into something more than a storage facility. A lighted make-up table and specialty locking cabinets to hold jewelry are common preferences. The closet can double as a place to get away for some alone time.

Beautify your home with an exquisite vanity made by Royal Palm Closet and Fine Cabinetry. The right vanity can change a home from a place to live to a place to love. Assessing the overall shape and size of a bathroom is where a project begins. Exact measurement of recessed areas, doorways, and angles are taken. Storage needs and the placement of fixtures to meet those needs are decided. Practical access to bathing and toilet areas are taken into consideration.

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