Choosing Vanity Cabinets for Your Bathroom?

Choosing Vanity Cabinets for Your Bathroom

Vanity cabinets for bathrooms offer an elegant, tidy look that creates a serene, spa-like environment. They open your private space for a sleek design. How can you choose a style with so many options available?

Before you begin a remodeling journey, consider how you’ll use your new bathroom cabinetry. As luxury bathroom designers, our team at Royal Palm Closet Design and Fine Cabinetry created a guide to help you make informed decisions.

#1 Consider Utilitarian Design

Before settling on a style, think about what would make your time in the bathroom more utilitarian. Answer the following questions before you commit to cabinetry:

  • How many people will use the bathroom?
  • How much storage do you use?
  • Do you spend lots of time in the bathroom? Or does your preparation routine take little time?

This information will inform all other aspects of your new cabinetry, from design to measurements.

Many people make the mistake of choosing attractive bathroom cabinets that don’t serve their needs. Speak with other household members to learn more about the best designs for theirs.

#2 Choose a Size

Although minimalist bathrooms with plenty of space are all the rage, you might need large cabinetry. Small vanity cabinets for bathrooms start around 18 inches. The sleek design and open space don’t provide a lot of storage.

Large cabinets start around 60 inches. You might find them too bulky for your tastes. But you have plenty of sizes in between to satisfy your needs.

If you only use a few products for bathing, skincare, or cleaning, you don’t need much storage. However, individuals with detailed skincare routines and hair products will need more space to store their items.

#3 Locate Your Plumbing

A vanity cabinet with a mirror is a staple in most bathrooms. However, skilled contractors will always find the plumbing’s location before installing these items. Not only do many cabinets include sink installation, but you don’t want to obstruct or damage your plumbing during installation.

Locate your plumbing before choosing your final design. This helps you choose an ideal location for each piece of cabinetry.

#4 Think Outside the Box With Vanity Wall Cabinets for Bathrooms

The bathroom sink cabinet design should provide enough space for comfortable movement and cleaning. It should also provide convenience to all users. Vanity wall cabinets for bathrooms ensure easy access, storage, and comfort.

You can easily clean underneath them since they’re raised off the floor. You can also choose designs with a seating area for a more relaxing routine.

#5 Select Color, Style, and Material

Finally, choose from numerous colors, styles, and cabinet materials to pull the aesthetic together. A professional designer can assist you in understanding how certain colors work with different environments and cabinet styles.

Transform Your Bathroom With Our Selection of Vanity Cabinets for Bathrooms

Does your bathroom serve you? Or do you struggle to enjoy your time there? At Royal Palm Closet Design and Fine Cabinetry, our skilled designers believe that all living spaces should include convenience in their designs.

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