Designing It Your Way For 2016

Is your old outdated kitchen an eyesore? Perhaps, that means it is time to give it a much-needed facelift in 2016. Let’s take a look at some of the popular trends this year.

1. Square to rectangle

Cabinets that are vertical are becoming more popular than previous years. Whether it is a breakfast bar with cabinets underneath or a countertop that houses a sink, rectangles add a touch of class to the design.

2. Simplistic nature

You might be surprised to find this out, but design trends are going back to cleaner lines to make spaces appear more neat and tidy instead of warm and cozy. Think modern as opposed to traditional.

3. Soft tender colors

Think of soft earth tones and light pastels; often the cabinets are done in a gentle tone. It is warm, but not aggressive on the eyes, more of a muted sunshine look.

4. Hide your technology

You might see a television appear from virtually nowhere or a place to plug in devices that are effortlessly out of the way. It is something many of us were born with, and others are getting used to, but either way, technology is here to stay.

5. Custom, custom, custom

Tailor everything to the homeowner from the shape to the size of the cabinets. In 2016, you will be able to get exactly what you would like in custom cabinetry.

6. Hidden spaces

One of the most popular trends is that everything has its place. From spices to sharp knives, pots and pans, and cutting boards cabinetry are designed to make the room functional. All of our accessories become easy to find and are located conveniently within the kitchen.

7. Cook and visit

The trend of open kitchens continues, and this gives the chef the ability to entertain her guests as he or she cooks. It is a brilliant way for people to enjoy the kitchen together from one side or the other.

8. Mom’s often want traditional kitchens

For those who do not entertain as often, they prefer the traditional closed off, like kitchens of the past. This way cooking becomes easy without stepping on the little ones. It is perfect for those that like to cook alone.

9. Built in lighting for cabinets

Cabinet makers are getting a greater number of requests for kitchens that have lighting built into the cabinets. Lighted cabinets give a bright look, especially when entertaining guests.

10. Same room different patterns and textures

Another favorite that hits our list is combining a variety of different looks. For instance, you can have one irregular tile on the wall and another textured tile on the floor it all about what looks great to you.

Don’t hesitate to go off the grid this year when it comes to kitchen design. 2016 is the year of homeowner centered custom kitchen design from the cabinets to the flooring it is all about doing what you love.

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