Endless Possibilities with an Open Kitchen

The quintessential option most chefs look for in a kitchen, after ample amounts of counter space, is plenty of space to store all of their tools. Yes, the heart of the home must have room for all of the “toys” needed to make a mouthwatering meal. This opens up the debate whether to have an open kitchen or a closed off kitchen. Building a kitchen that has plenty of cabinet options, and an open kitchen can create many unique possibilities that a closed kitchen can’t.


With an open kitchen, there is always room change things up. Closed-in kitchens leave you pretty much stuck with the same setup and are tough to alter without tearing out a wall or two. It is always nice to come back later and simply be able to add a cabinet into an open kitchen concept.

Full exposure

Yes, at times having an open kitchen means that your cabinets and everything in them have full exposure. Have an uninvited house guest stop by, and you have no chance to clean things up. If your kitchen is open, they will see it all. Some individuals may prefer a closed kitchen where you only need to close the door or stay in the other room with the guest. On the flip side, an open kitchen lets your kitchen become a social space as an extension of the living area.


With an open concept, there is always a place where you can add more cabinets. There might be a wall that has a space perfect for another cabinet. If that is not the case, many times you can add custom cabinets above countertops or in nooks you never considered using for a storage space.

Custom options

Open kitchens allow the homeowner to add many more custom options than if it was closed in. There are all kinds of great design ideas out there today when it comes to incorporating style and plenty of storage into open concept kitchens. You can even choose to use more than one type of cabinet within the kitchen to match rooms that cabinet resides within.

Islands and breakfast bars

These two kitchen features, work great to incorporate cabinets beneath that can be accessed from either side of the bar. Custom cabinets can have pull-out racks for efficiently storing pans or trays, along with a variety of other designs. They work well to add extra places to store anything you might need in your kitchen.

Individual taste still keeps some preferring to settle with traditional closed off kitchens however there is quite a bit of versatility in open concept kitchens. They are worth looking into if you are considering a new kitchen with custom cabinetry. The best way to go is to request a consultation with a professional designer who can help guide you in the right direction. Their expertise can go over all the questions to pinpoint what will meet your needs perfectly.

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