7 Tips To Make A Small Kitchen Feel Spacious

If you feel like your kitchen is on the smaller side and want to make it feel bigger without renovating or doing any significant projects, here are seven ways to make your kitchen seem larger than it is.

1. Consider replacing your existing cabinet doors with clear cabinet doors. Glass cabinet doors can make your kitchen look bigger because the human eye tends to travel all the way to the wall. Since the back of the cabinets are set at least a foot or two back from the doors, this will make your kitchen appear much bigger than it is.

2. Getting higher end appliances that are frequently seen in larger kitchens is another option you have when it comes to making your kitchen look more spacious.

3. You have probably heard at some time during your life that white makes things look bigger. Well, it is true and can be applied to your kitchen. Painting all the walls a lighter color and using lighter tones for backsplashes, along with having white cabinetry, can make your kitchen look much bigger.

4. If you’re not quite up for an all white kitchen, you could make your kitchen feel more roomy by putting the proper lighting in it. Having multiple windows in your kitchen can contribute to good lighting, so if you have windows in your kitchen consider removing any heavy curtains or blinds to allow natural light to enter.

5. Getting a hidden pantry such as a pull out pantry will maximize the storage you have in your kitchen and in return make your kitchen feel more spacious. Having hidden places for storage in your kitchen will also reduce clutter, which is why it makes you feel like you have more room.

6. In older homes with seperated kitchens, consider knocking down a wall or two and making the kitchen lead into another room, giving it an open concept feeling. When your kitchen leads right into another room such as a dining room, it makes you feel as though your kitchen is bigger.

7. The last tip for making your kitchen feel bigger than it is, is to keep “personal touches” to a minimum. Having too many little figurines or paintings on the wall can cause the kitchen to look cluttered. Consider putting these in another room in the home.

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