Buying Custom Cabinetry for Your Kitchen? Add Character with These Five Tips

Five years ago, you purchased a fixer-upper in a great neighborhood. Unfortunately, the kitchen in this home was extremely outdated. But, you dutifully prepared meals for your family in this less than desirable space each night. After dedicatedly saving money for years, you finally decided to design the kitchen of your dreams. To jumpstart this exciting process, you began shopping for custom cabinetry. If you can relate to this scenario, consider adding character to your cabinets with the following five tips.

Install Glass Doors

If adding character to new custom cabinets is a priority for you, install glass doors. Beautiful glass doors instantly give cabinetry the wow factor. Are you worried you keep the inside of your cupboards too messy? If you’re a busy professional who doesn’t have time to maintain neat cabinets, think about only installing one or two glass doors. Even having only one glass door makes your collection of cabinets look interesting and adds depth.

Select Intricate Moldings

In addition to installing glass doors, select intricate moldings for your kitchen cabinets. You might wish to install detailed moldings on the top of your upper cabinets and the bottom of your lower cupboards. Such embellishments can make your cabinets look like authentic pieces of furniture.

Opt for Some Open Shelves

Rustic designs are trendy right now. To fill your kitchen with character and rustic charm, opt for some open shelving. Surprisingly, a few open shelves can complement both your upper and lower cupboards nicely. You can store your most prized plates, bowls, glasses, or cookbooks on your stylish open shelves.

Install Stunning Corbels

Decorative corbels are typically made from wood. Often, corbels are carved by hand. Different types of this design embellishment include:

• Mission
• Acanthus leaf
• Curved
• Modern

You can add corbels to your:

• Kitchen island
• Vent hood
• Open shelves

Classic Elegance

Choose Detailed Hardware

Once picking the perfect custom cabinets, you need to choose the right hardware to adorn them. Do you adore ultramodern styles? Think about investing in stainless steel pulls for your cupboards. If you’re addicted to country designs, you might want to install oil rubbed bronze pulls on your cabinets.

If transforming your kitchen is at the top of your to-do list, purchasing new kitchen cabinets is essential. To make your kitchen the envy of your neighbors, consider adhering to the tips above. After you install intricate custom cabinetry in your kitchen, you might never want to dine out again.


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