Planning the Perfect 5 Kitchen Zones

If it is time to perform a complete kitchen remodeling project, then grab a piece of paper and start to sketch out each of your five work zones. Even if you cannot draw, getting the basics down on paper will help your cabinet maker and installer understand what you have in mind.

Consumable Zone

The consumable zone is where the food will be stored in your kitchen, and may actually be divided into two different areas. One area is the refrigerator where the cold food is stored while the other area is the pantry where non-perishable food is stored.

Non-Consumable Zone

This zone is where your cooking gadgets and plates will be stored. The closer it is located to your cleaning zone, the better the results. Think about getting to those items that you will use every day quickly and easily. Additionally, think about how you plan to store items that you will not use very often. Designers know that drawers built for specific items add functionality to any kitchen. If you have a small area to work with, then make sure to maximize the vertical space. After all, most large utensils come with a hole in the handle so that they may be hung easily.

Cleaning Zone

The cleaning zone includes the sink and the dishwasher. Keeping these items centrally located helps to maximize the efficiency in getting dirty dishes to the area and putting them away after they have been washed. Think about convenient storage for your soaps, scrubbers, and other cleaning devices.

Preparation Zone

This zone should be the largest in your kitchen so that everyone can be working at the same time without running over each other. Consider which items you use most when preparing food and try to keep them within arm’s reach. This space should be reserved for working with food, so make sure to incorporate plenty of storage space so that you are not leaving items sitting on the countertops. You may even want to consider creating a pull-out trash solution allowing you to get rid of food waste efficiently. If you think storage is going to be a problem, considering an island may make perfect sense.

Cooking Zone

This zone includes your range and your microwave. Create storage here for items you need easy access to while cooking the food. Minimizing the space between the cooking zone and the preparation zone helps to maximize cooking efficiency.

Now that you have completed this big step follow through by contacting a custom kitchen cabinet maker. Your cabinets in your kitchen should reflect the choices that you have made and be uniquely your own design. However, if you find this task daunting or just want to pull on the years of expertise at Royal Palm, we will be glad to offer you a free consultation.

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