Want to Save the Planet? Five Green Custom Cabinetry Options

Tired of cooking in an outdated kitchen, you’re ready to remodel your space. Purchasing custom cabinetry is one of the first things on your to-do list. Because you’re environmentally conscious, you want to be responsible when to selecting cabinet materials. If you can relate to this scenario, consider the following green options.

Reclaimed Wood

Building your custom kitchen cabinets with previously used wood is a wonderful way to conserve the environment. The dents, scratches and other marks on reclaimed wood won’t necessarily make your cabinets look less appealing. Rather, they will add character and personality. Look for salvaged wood with an interesting history. For instance, you might adore reclaimed wood recovered from an old horse barn, railroad depot, or church.


Bamboo is a renewable resource. This exotic cabinet material is also extremely hard and durable. Therefore, bamboo cabinets should be able to withstand years of abuse from you and your family members.

In this kitchen, Plyboo, an FSC-certified bamboo product, is set in a darker wood frame


Like bamboo, lyptus is a renewable wood. It’s an engineered product created from a hybrid eucalyptus species. This species is grown in Brazil. With a vibrant color, lyptus resembles cherry or mahogany.

Wood Veneer

If you’re concerned about constructing your custom cabinets with copious amounts of hardwood, consider utilizing wood veneer. Wood veneer boasts only a thin slice of real wood attached to another type of material. However, cabinets made with wood veneer can look just as luxurious as those constructed with 100 percent hardwood.

Recycled Glass Countertops

Do you want your kitchen to be decidedly unique? Instead of using granite or marble for countertops, consider using recycled glass slabs. These beautiful, versatile and modern countertops are manufactured in a huge variety of colors, allowing ample room for expressing your style. There are some variations in earth tones which look very similar to stone, then there are ones that feature clear glass for a bluish, watery finish, and then there are the colored glass varieties that could be red, green or any other color under the sun. Imagine how unique your kitchen might look when combining all these ideas! Furthermore, several manufacturers produce these countertops locally in the US and even in Florida, further reducing the carbon footprint resulting from long-distance transportation.

For some people, remodeling a kitchen is one of the most exciting, rewarding events of their lives. To make your kitchen look spectacular, invest in custom cabinetry. If saving the planet is your priority, There are always green custom cabinetry alternatives to consider.

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