8 Things to Know Before Starting a Bathroom Remodel in Southwest Florida

Bathroom Remodel

So, a bathroom remodel is in your immediate future. Good for you! A well-planned and executed bathroom remodel can give you a nice return on your initial investment over time that can be as much as 60 percent according to Remodeling Magazine. But before you get back to searching Pinterest boards for faucets, vanities, floor tile, and towel racks continue reading to discover eight things to know before starting a bathroom remodel in Southwest Florida.

1. What’s Your Available Budget?

On average, a bathroom remodel can cost around $20,000. However, the final cost can vary widely in either direction based on what you plan to do and how you do it. Determine how much you can realistically spend on your bathroom improvement efforts before you put your plans into motion. Knowing your budget range ahead of time also makes it’s easier to narrow down your choices with fixtures, flooring, vanities, and other bathroom features.

2. What Bells and Whistles Do You Prefer?

As you make your budget determination, also consider what kind of bells and whistles you might prefer. Features like a retro claw tub, double vanity, high-end fixtures, and heated floors can quickly up your price tag. Zero in on added perks that matter most to you if you have budget limitations.

3. Who Will Mainly Be Using Your Bathroom?

The direction your bathroom remodel takes will depend on who’s likely to use it on a regular basis. If kids will be using it, for example, consider updating the tub or turning an existing shower into a tub-shower combo. If it’ll primarily be a private bathroom or one used by adults, however, you may want to focus more on comfort features like a walk-in shower or a spacious tub that’s designed with relaxation in mind.

4. Do You Want to Change Your Bathroom’s Size?

A bathroom is typically about 40 square feet. Ultimately, whether or not your bathroom’s current size is sufficient will depend on what you have in mind for your update and what’s practical. If you have your heart set on creating a larger private oasis, for instance, know what up-sizing your bathroom will involve. Normally, a size increase means:

  • Downsizing nearby rooms
  • A lengthier remodeling process
  • More of an investment financially

5. Will Things Be Rearranged?

Everything doesn’t have to stay put with a bathroom update in Southwest Florida. But if you do want to put your new vanity in a different spot or change fixtures around, get some professional input ahead of time to find out what would be involved with switching things around in the space you have to work with. For instance, it’ll likely be less of a big deal to get a bigger vanity that extends all the way to one wall than it would be to move a toilet.

6. How Much Will a Bathroom Remodel Inconvenience You?

Some homeowners have one full bathroom for the adults and one primarily for the kids. Others have two full bathrooms plus a half-bath or powder room. However, it’s not uncommon to have even more bathrooms in a Southwest Florida home. Even so, a bathroom remodel typically means there will be people coming in and out of your home and often the master bedroom. Try to schedule your remodel in a way that won’t be a major inconvenience for you. The best way to make a bathroom remodel less burdensome is by scheduling the bulk of the work when you won’t be home.

7. Do You Plan to Age in Place in Your Home?

It helps to have a good idea of whether or not you think you’ll likely age in place in your current home. If this is the plan, consider a more adaptable or universal design for your bathroom remodel. A bathroom updated with future age-related needs in mind is one that could include grab bars in the tub or shower area and by the toilet and non-slip flooring to reduce fall risks. Another aging-in-place design feature to consider is a layout with enough space to allow for use of a walker or wheelchair.

8. What Are Your Bathroom Storage Needs?

One other thing to know before starting a bathroom remodel is what kind of storage space you’ll likely need. Even if you have limited space in your bathroom, there are many creative ways to use what space you have available. With your vanity, for instance, a customized design can be crafted in a way that provides extra drawers and cabinets so bathroom essentials can be neatly stashed away.

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