How To Know When Your Kitchen Lightning Is Completely Wrong

Sometimes it isn’t easy to be a home owner. Whether you’re the sole owner of your property, or one of a pair of spouses making all the decisions, it can be rough going when it comes to getting every detail of decor and lighting correct. After all, you no longer have your parents to blame if a mistake is made. Every decision rests on you, and your friends, neighbours, and family members are sure to keep you aware of that fact, especially when you commit a really obvious error.

One of the most common mistakes that home owners make is in the realm of keeping their kitchen lighted in the correct manner. Here is a short list of some of these famously wrong moves, as well as a few helpful suggestions for fixing them. If you have any further questions, comments or concerns, feel free to contact your local kitchen cabinet lighting authority to get an expert opinion.

Your Kitchen Is Lit Up In An Ugly Metallic Blue

If you have made the mistake of choosing blue or fluorescent lighting for a kitchen filled with stainless steel appliances, you’ll soon have the distinct displeasure of eating meals under a harsh, industrial, gun metal grey colored environment. The problem here is that blue or fluorescent lighting reacts badly to stainless steel. The solution is to warm things up by using a yellow or orange hue bulb. Set it up on a dimmer switch so that you can adjust it to the precise sort of warmth that suits your taste. You’ll immediately notice that this makes for a friendlier, far more inviting environment.

You Forgot To Light The Area Above The Dining Room Table

Believe it or not, forgetting to light up the area above the dining room table is a mistake that people make quite often, especially now that the days of families dining under fancy (or even relatively humble) chandeliers are long in the past. At any rate, if you have made this cardinal error in the course of redecorating your kitchen, you can rectify it by purchasing a light fixture that is adequate to the purpose, such as a globe light or track fixture that can give the area a warm and well lit ambiance.

The Lack Of Accent Lighting Renders Your Kitchen A Stately Bore

If you don’t know the value of accent lighting, perhaps you have been spending too much time in a museum or doctor’s office. Most kitchens use accent lighting to set off one area or feature of the room from another, as well as to give the entire space a bit of atmospheric contrast (the old cliche about “light and shade” rings particularly true in this instance). Luckily, there’s a fast fix for this unfortunate state of affairs. Get in some recessed under-cabinet lighting, in a particularly warm hue, and this should set the various parts of your kitchen off in splendid contrast.

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