Things To Remember Before Installing Laundry Room Cabinets


Doing laundry may not be a glamorous task to most. It is even avoided as you have to deal with dirty clothes. However, if you have an organized laundry room, the task becomes less stressful. Keeping your laundry room organized may be impossible as many imagine this room to be messy with laundry baskets full of clothes waving at you. Fortunately, you don’t have to deal with a cluttered laundry room as there are storage solutions that will make you walk into a tidy and organized laundry room. Installing laundry cabinets is the solution to your problem. Of course, it’s not easy to make that final decision unless you know your objectives in installing them.

Be sure to keep the location, style and look in mind. Knowing the location will help you layout a style and design that fits the environment. However, if you have a large laundry room which you consider as your primary cleaning and ironing hub, you have to keep your cabinets both functional and stylish.

1. Know your laundry room needs

If you need more space for folding or sorting the laundry, you have to make a list of the laundry room essentials before you decide on installing cabinets. Taking inventory of your needs will also help you make a sound decision, especially when it comes to the number of cabinets you need to install.

2. Make a list of stuff that requires additional storage space

It’s important that you know the stuff that needs to be stored in your cabinets. Without taking inventory, some of your clothes may end up stored in a laundry basket. Worse, they can get mixed up with your dirty clothes. Aside from your clothes, you might also need additional rooms for your cleaning supplies and laundry baskets. You have to list these items. Bins and pullout hampers are recommended to minimize clutter especially if you always find yourself getting rid of piles of dirty clothes on the floor.

3. Know the level of functionality and efficiency you desire

You can make your laundry room cabinets more efficient by adding drawers and rollout shelves. If you want your cabinet to hold more cleaning items, you will need a fully functional cabinet for that. A specialist can help you design the type of cabinet that is efficient and functional at the same time.

Options to Consider

When choosing laundry cabinets, there are options you can consider:

Purchasing cabinet packages-You can purchase packages from manufacturers but you have to keep in mind that they don’t have tailor-made designs and style. If you are only focused on functionality, choose cabinet packages with more accessory features so you will have more laundry supplies to store. There are also cabinets that can provide the best storage solution for your laundry room.

Pre-owned Cabinets-If you are searching for an inexpensive option, you can choose used or salvaged cabinets. You can even repurpose your existing cabinets by adding a few features so they fit your storage needs. Even if you decide to add cabinets to your laundry room, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should get rid of old cabinets. Most of them are made from durable wood that only requires minor repairs.

Organizational Systems-You can also purchase organizational systems from companies that sell closet and other organization solutions. These companies specialize in designing cabinets specific to your storage needs. They can also make some recommendations on the number and type of laundry cabinets you will need.

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all storage solution. You need a storage specialist to help you come up with cabinetry that will make your laundry room clean and organized.