Storage Solutions for a Tiny Bathroom

Your bathroom is likely one of the smallest rooms of your home, so it can be challenging to keep your space neat and organized. The challenges are magnified if you’re dealing with a very small bathroom.

Fortunately, you are not doomed to disorganization just because your bathroom isn’t much bigger than your closet. At Royal Palm Closet Design & Fine Cabinetry, we can work with you to create beautiful and creative storage solutions for your tiny bathroom.

Make Your Wish List

When you’re thinking about the features you’d like in your bathroom, don’t be afraid to dream big! As we talk to a variety of customers, we find that some of them don’t really share what they really want because they think it’s not feasible.

However, the planning stages is a great time to create and dream! Let our designers know what you’re truly searching for, and you might be surprised at some of the creative ways that Royal Palm Closet Design & Fine Cabinetry is able to turn your dreams into reality.

Choose Light Colors

In most cases, we recommend that customers who are dealing with small bathrooms consider using light colors. This helps the space appear lighter and breaker, which makes it look larger.

White cabinets and vanities continue to be popular among our clients, and we can customize these items to include the features that you need the most. Even if your space is small, don’t be afraid to add bold colors in your accessories to add a big dose of style!

Reduce Clutter

One of the biggest complaints we hear about small bathrooms is the fact that they tend to appear cluttered. When you’re working with limited space, it’s easy to cram your items into every possible drawer, cabinet and counter space.

Thankfully, we offer a long list of custom storage options that will give you more storage space than ever before. You can add pullout drawers and shelves into your bathroom vanity for maximum usability, insert custom drawer dividers into your vanity or take advantage of many other storage solutions. When you have great places to put your space, you’ll reduce clutter and spend less time cleaning up your bathroom.

Stay Safe

If you have pets or young children in your household, it’s also important to consider safety when you’re designing your bathroom storage spaces. Many of the items that are commonly stored in bathrooms, such as cleaning supplies and medications, can be dangerous or even deadly if they are accessible to pets and children.

Ensure that your bathroom is safe as well as beautiful by making sure that you store these items on tall shelves or in high cabinets. You can also consider adding cabinet locks or other features.

Whether your bathroom is small or spacious, we look forward to working with you to create the a space that’s both beautiful and efficient. Please contact us today to learn more about all of the incredible options that are available.

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