Don’t Let An Exciting New Kitchen Turn Into A Frustration

Are you excited to have a brand-new kitchen to installed in your home? This is a place where you can make yourself feel comfortable by having everything you need located right where you need it. After all, meal preparation should be enjoyable so you don’t want to have to hunt for the things that you need every time you need them. Here are some simple tips to help you set up your kitchen, making it one of the favorite places to be in your home.

Storing Things You Need Every Day

The main thing to remember when you’re setting up your kitchen is that your necessities need stored first, regardless of how many fancy casserole dishes, stock pots and other kitchen wares you may occasionally use. Things like your flatware and table settings need to take precedence. Start by placing your silverware, cutting knives, can opener and other utensils that you use each day in a cupboard drawer near your sink or dishwasher. You should also place your dishes in a cupboard that’s near this same place. These areas are easy to wash after you wash and dry your dishes and want to put them away quickly.

Stashing Away Items You Only Use Occasionally

In the same way that you want your everyday dishes and flatware near your meal preparation area, you also want your spices, vinegar, and oils easily accessible as well. The best place for them is in a cupboard door near your stove if you have room. Otherwise, consider investing in a turnstile spice rack that you can sit on your counter or one that you can hang either behind or next to your stove. Remember, you don’t need to worry about oils and vinegar expiring or spoiling.

Safe Storage for Sharp Knives

Households with small children need to keep sharp knives knives out of the reach of little hands at all times. A knife block on your counter isn’t the best answer for this, since your child can still easily access the knives, posing the potential of them getting hurt. Therefore, consider using a magnetic strip that allows you to store your knives on your walls where children cannot reach them. These strips are available from both hardware and home-improvement stores, and you can place them anywhere in the kitchen. Alternatively, have a drawer dedicated to knives and other sharp objects. Special inserts will keep them all organized and easily accessible, and adding a child lock is easy.

We hope these tips on how to organize your kitchen will make you feel confident as you creatively work to transform your new kitchen into a convenient and enjoyable room.

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