Custom Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for the Trendy Homeowner

Your home is likely to undergo a variety of changes in the time that you live there, but some updates are more valuable than others.

When it comes to resale value, a minor kitchen upgrade is one type of remodel that is actually likely to pay off. And since the kitchen is a room we all spend time in, you and your family will be able to enjoy the improvements as well.

Upgrading your kitchen wall cabinets is a simple change that can have a big impact. The look of your cabinets can change the feel of the entire room, so you get a lot of bang for minimal work.

Below, we’re sharing some of our favorite ideas for cabinet design upgrades that can give your kitchen new life.

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1. Go Bold with Color
Choosing a bold color for your kitchen wall cabinets can give the entire room a new personality. It’s less daunting than painting the walls but still adds visual interest to a space in your house that likely gets a lot of traffic.

To choose the right color, think about the other elements of the room. If your appliances and other decor elements are neutral, consider picking a primary color that will stand out, like blue or red, for your cabinets.

2. Integrate Open Shelving
For those looking to show off their collection of plates or glasses, open shelving is a unique cabinet option.

With open shelving, your flatware becomes its own decorative element, as it is on full display all the time. It also makes accessing these items easier, which can be especially helpful when setting a large table or putting away a load of clean dishes.

If you like the idea of putting your belongings on display but don’t feel totally comfortable with open shelving, cabinets with glass doors are a good middle ground.

3. Create a Clean Palette and Customize
The classic look of all-white cabinets will never go out of style, which is why so many people choose them for their kitchens.

Because white cabinets are so popular, it’s important that you find ways to customize the look. Decorative handles and cabinet pulls are an easy way to make a clean palette feel fresh and distinct.

You can also incorporate other design elements–such as fresh, bright flowers or colorful appliances–into your overall kitchen look.

Even the simplest design aesthetic can be made to feel personal with the right extra touches.

Ready to Upgrade Your Kitchen Wall Cabinets?
Though most families spend time together in the kitchen, it is easy to overlook the design of the room. People tend to focus more on practical elements, such as having top-of-the-line appliances.

With the right design elements, the kitchen can become the heart of your home. It’s a space that should be functional, of course, but it should also reflect your personal tastes and preferences.

Updating your cabinets is a great opportunity to bring your sense of style into your kitchen.

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