Easy Organization for Your Crafting Closet

Easy Organization for Your Crafting Closet

Custom Craft Room Organization and Built-ins

No matter your preferred craft, getting a handle on your raw goods and tools is critical if you’re hoping to actually get anything done in your craft area. If all your time goes into hunting for things instead of creating new items, you won’t find much relaxation or joy in the process.

Determine Your Working Position

Do you prefer to sit or stand as you create? This decision will make a difference in how you organize your crafting space. For example, you’ll need to sit to sew, but most pattern layout will require that you stand. If you have a standing workspace, cabinetry with pullouts for bins or drawers of various depths where you can store fabric, batting, and other product you plan to use up would be ideal.

Visible Vs. Covered

If you’re making jewelry, keeping your beads organized in pull-out trays will make design easy. However, having your tools displayed on a hanging or pegboard may be the most efficient way to reach and grab for the item you need next.

If a pegboard doesn’t suit your needs, consider installing a magnetized bar. They work great in the kitchen for your knives, and in a craft area can quickly capture small pliers, wire cutters, and tiny tools for bead layout.

Access Vs. Display

No matter what you’re creating in your craft area, you’ll want a crafting closet where you can store finished products, bulk raw goods, and shipping materials if you choose to market your product and need to mail it out. Once your products are complete, you’ll want to take photos of them and market them effectively, but proper storage for your items once packaged will make your business much more efficient.

A spot to hang rolls of fine bubble wrap or wrapping paper will make packaging easier. An area dedicated to photography, with great lighting and a clean white background, can be created in almost any corner. Discuss your craft room needs with a cabinetry consultant and study what’s available in the realm of custom cabinetry and closet layout. You may find exactly what you envisioned, or they may help you move to a whole new level of organization.

Make Life Easier With a Custom Crafting Closet

Laying out your craft closet so it works exactly as you need will take time. You don’t want to have to shuffle bins from top to bottom or constantly be stacking and restacking; you want to create. With the right layout, both getting started and wrapping up will be simple.

Your craft space needs to be organized so creativity isn’t slowed by clean-up. Storage and organization are key.