Considerations When Designing a Custom Closet

When you see that your closet is starting to get out of hand, it’s time to find a custom organization solution. Here it’s important to remember that closets aren’t all the same nor are their organization. Everyone’s lifestyle is different and so is what clothes they wear. This is why it’s a good idea to work with a professional to create an organizational system that works best for you.

Customized Options for a Woman’s Closet

Women have a lot of special needs when it comes to their closet. For instance, where should they put all of their jewelry? A custom jewelry solution only requires a very low profile, meaning it can fit in literally anywhere. Such a cabinet will have many compartments and hooks to keep things separated and prevent tangling. What about all of their purses? Shelves with adjustable dividers or cubby holes work well. Then how about their evening gowns? Pant hangers work because it keeps them from stretching out while also saving you vertical space.

Customized Options for a Man’s Closet

Men obviously have different needs than women. For them, it’s mainly a matter of folding pants over a hanger, so they have storage space for things like weights or other exercise equipment. Shelves or a cube organizer is also important here as they keep shoes off of the floor. Ties and belt racks are great for accessories while drawers with dividers work wonders when it comes to socks and other small items. Hooks are important for hats because you can then use them for decoration as well. Don’t forget slide-out baskets to throw dry cleaning in as men frequently have a lot of that. The main factor to consider here is a man’s occupation – a strict suit-and-tie type of job will require something very different from a job where a more relaxed Florida slacks and polo dress-code is fine.

Customized Options for a Shared Master Bedroom Closet

Clearly, men and women have different needs and yet space is usually a premium, which means they have to share closet space. Herein some of the same options that work for a man’s or woman’s closet are also usable in a shared closet. It’s simply a matter of designating a space for each person as an individual. A great way to divide these areas is with a tall cabinet of drawers that can be split between his and hers.

Customized Options for a Child’s Closet

Don’t forget about children. Since they grow so fast, their needs and space requirements often change too. This is why it’s important to create a flexible closet with adjustable rods and poles that your child can reach to put their clothes away. Different colored bins are a great way to store toys inside of their closet, so they have more room.

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