4 Tips for Creating The “Perfect” Kitchen Island

When you want to add a kitchen island to make things more functional, there are some considerations to take. While an island can make your area more functional, nothing is “perfect” for everyone. With this in mind, here are four things that you should think about first.

What You Plan to Use Your Island For

This is your kitchen and your island, but before you start the design make sure you know what you’re using it for. Typically, they offer more prep space, someplace for serving dinner, a spot where children do their homework or extra storage room. Determine which feature is the most important to you then remember this as you consider your other design options.

What You’ll Place Under Your Island

While the top of your kitchen island is important, so is the underneath of it. If you plan on using your kitchen island for dining or as a homework space, you’ll need to sacrifice cabinet space for more leg room. Also, if you plan to place appliances there, you’ll lose extra leg room or storage space.

How Much Room You Have in Your Kitchen for Your Island

There’s also the thought that your kitchen is too small for a kitchen island and that the installing one will make the area feel too crowded. Fortunately, there are a few standard guidelines that prevent this from occurring. Simply put, you should leave three feet of floor space on each end of your island and four feet of floor space on each side. If you don’t already have an island, or you plan to dramatically increase your kitchen island’s size, you should place some painters tape on the floor first. Keep the tape there for a couple of days to see if you can live with the loss of floor space.

The Height of the Kitchen Island

Most kitchen islands range from 36 – 42 inches tall. One height isn’t necessarily any better than the other. It is completely up to you and what your preference is. You can also add a 42-inch tall bar to the back of your 36-inch island, thus enjoying the best of both worlds, although the trend right now is for a single slab of granite, which doesn’t work for split levels. A single height also keeps the space looking open.

Preparing for Your New Kitchen Island

After you’ve thought through these things, if you’re still not sure what you really want to do, consider hiring a designer. If this feels a bit excessive to you, consider this. How much time do you actually spend in your kitchen each and every day of the week? Someone with years of experience will immediately be able to tell you whether something is practical or not. They can help you avoid making a choices that you’ll be stuck with and regret later. They will also bring ideas to light that you never imagined.

With all this in mind, we hope you’ve found a bit more clarity about what the “perfect” kitchen island means for you.

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