5 Ways to Design Your Kitchen With Custom Cabinets

Looking to spice up your kitchen? Put down the paprika and oregano.

As the heart of every home, a kitchen is a place of gathering for family and friends. So why not make it as unique and special as the people and relationships in your life?

Custom cabinets are a great way to bring a personal element into your kitchen and show off your creative side. From modern open shelving options to traditional wooden varnishes, the possibilities are endless!

Here are five custom cabinet ideas the inspire your kitchen remodel.

Glass Cabinet Doors

If your kitchen feels cramped and closed off, open it up with glass door cabinets. Clear doors will make your kitchen feel bigger and give it greater depth than traditional wooden cabinet doors.

But the custom options don’t end at standard glass. Frosted windows, seeded glass, and stained glass are just a few ways to make your clear cabinets stand out from the crowd.

Frameless Cabinets

Frameless cabinets, or European cabinets, offer a simpler, more contemporary look than traditional American-style cabinets. The sleek nature of this type of cabinet works well with a wide variety of different kitchen design ideas to achieve your perfect custom feel.

Frameless cabinets are also popular given the increased amount of space they provide compared to framed designs. The opening on average is 1.5 inches wider than framed cabinets. The hinges are also hidden from view, giving cabinets a cleaner and sharper look than their framed counterparts.

Mixed Materials

Can’t choose between a wood veneer over a stainless steel option? Why not both?

Mixed material cabinetry is quickly gaining popularity in kitchen design. The dichotomy of materials can add a unique perspective to a kitchen. In tandem with modern appliances, incorporating both wood and metal into your cabinetry can give your kitchen the best of both material worlds.

Green Materials

If doing good by the environment is on the forefront of your mind in your kitchen remodel, consider going green.

There are a number of environmentally-conscious options that don’t squander your kitchen’s aesthetic appeal. Reclaimed wood adds character to a kitchen with its imperfections and scratches. Bamboo and lyptus are not only renewable, but they are unique and beautiful materials perfect for anyone looking to break from the kitchen cabinetry norm.

Creative Color Schemes

Not in the market for an entirely new set of custom cabinets? Perhaps a simple change of color can do the trick.

Show off the color of your energy through your kitchen remodel and brighten your kitchen with a new color scheme. From a pale yellow tint to collections vibrant blues and reds, accenting your kitchen with color will undoubtedly add character to your cooking space.

Choosing Custom Cabinets For Your Kitchen

There are a million different ways to customize kitchen cabinets. Choose the way that fits you and your home the best. Take time to toy with different design and color ideas to hone in on the kitchen remodel of your dreams.

Need an outside opinion? Reach out to an expert for a personalized consultation for your kitchen and begin creating your perfect kitchen today!

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