3 Organization Thoughts When Installing New Cabinets

From organizing individual cabinets for a clean look to the placement of the big things to make a kitchen function better – you have a large yet exciting job ahead of you. With Royal Palm Fine Cabinetry, it doesn’t matter what your needs are because we can make it as custom as you like. So get your thinking gears turnings and get to work on just how perfect this kitchen is going to be for you and your family.

Glass or Solid Cabinet Doors

When deciding between solid cabinet doors and those with glass panels, think about who you are. Yes, you are front and center in figuring out this question. If you are someone with exceptional organizational skills, then, by all means, choose glass. Your kitchen and cabinets will always look great. If you are like many, who tend to stick things away in a hurry, solid panels might be a better choice.

Organization With You In Mind

One of the best parts of designing a new kitchen is making it work better for you. And be prepared for all kinds if different ways in which you will be able to do so. Install double utensil drawers for greater access to storage. You can also opt for cabinets that will help you better organize anything from spices to other pantry items so you can see them all in one glance. Next, let’s think about pots and pans. Whether you prefer them hanging or stored away out of sight, you’ll be able to grab the right size one in a second. Cookie trays fool your eyes by coming out of the slim drawers or vertical racks near your baking or working space.

Organizing the Bigger Things

At times, it is not always about organizing the little things. Instead, it is about getting the large parts of the kitchen where you need them. What we are talking about is how you want the counters laid out and the appliances placed throughout the kitchen – which layout will be most helpful for you in your day to day use of the space. For instance, one trend for high-end kitchens is running a water line behind the stove to have a pot-filler faucet. It is an excellent way to fill a pot with water without carrying it to the sink and back or even lifting it. You might also want to have a wine fridge or beverage fridge near the living room for easy access.

The bottom line? It’s your choice to do whatever works for you in your home. It is your opportunity to start it from scratch, which is great because you will have everything exactly where you want it. Take some tips from your friends and loved ones. They might have some fabulous ideas for you to use. And certainly, speak to the professionals at Royal Palm. We will give you a free consultation, and with years of experience and hundreds of kitchens installed, we know exactly which features of kitchen organization usually work best.

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