4 Best Uses for Wall Mounted Storage Cabinets

Are you looking to increase the amount of storage in your home? Then you should install wall mounted storage cabinets.

Extra storage space is always welcome, especially when you have a lot of things you’d rather tuck away. Wall-mounted cabinets will also make your space look cleaner and well-organized.

For example, install wall cabinets in your kitchen to keep pantry items or things you use daily. Another option is to install custom cabinets in your bathroom for keeping your towels, cosmetics, or other toiletries. In the laundry room, wall-mounted cabinets keep your detergents and softeners safely away from the kids.

So keep reading to discover 4 incredible ways to use wall-mounted cabinets throughout your home.

1. In Kitchens

The kitchen/dining area is the most cluttered space in almost every home. If all your kitchen cabinets are full, there are only two things to do: purge or install new ones on an empty wall.

Usually, kitchens come with pre-built wall cabinets. But if you have a big family, cook a lot or just need more space, don’t be afraid to add yet another.

For example, you can keep your collection of wines there or create a tea and coffee station. This will free up tons of space in the main kitchen area.

2. In Home Offices

Wall mounted storage cabinets are perfect for organizing your home office. This room can quickly become very messy after spending most of your day working.

For all those extra papers, spare stationery and important documents, invest in quality wall cabinets. You can place them right above your desk for easy reach or install them on another wall to keep your workspace uncluttered.

3. In Bathrooms

No matter how many bathrooms you have, you’ll always need more storage to keep them clean and neat. Custom-made wall-mounted cabinets are the perfect solution for storing linens and towels if you don’t have a full-sized linen closet.

You can also mount cabinets on the wall next to the sink and keep toiletries or hot styling tools in there.

Another clever way to utilize the extra storage is to install cabinets above the toilet seat. This wall often stays empty in most bathrooms, so you can keep extra toilet paper there, cleaning supplies, extra soap and more.

4. In Bedrooms

Wall mounted storage cabinets are a match made in heaven for kids’ bedrooms. Kids are naturally messy, so having an actual place to put away their books and school projects is a must.

In the master bedroom, wall storage cabinets can serve as floating nightstands, creating a sleek minimalistic look. They’re also great for extra storage in the closet or for storing bedding, socks and underwear, makeup, and jewelry.

Get Your Custom-Made Wall Mounted Storage Cabinets Today!

You can declutter your space and get so much extra storage in your home with the right wall-mounted cabinets. With our tips, you’ll be able to organize your space in a day and say goodbye to chaos.

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