New Appliances To Boost Real Estate ROI

New Appliances To Boost Real Estate ROI

If you intend to sell your home, you might look for ways to fix up the residence and add to its value. Some homeowners install upgraded appliances, but do new appliances increase home value? The answer depends on comparable homes in your area and the types of home appliances you install. 

Learn more about how home and kitchen appliances increase home values below.


Do new appliances increase the home value if you focus solely on updating the kitchen? Yes, they will because the kitchen is the heart of the house. Prospective buyers will more likely fall in love with a kitchen with upgraded appliances, especially if most homes they visit in the area have remodeled kitchens.

If your budget allows only one major kitchen appliance, replace the refrigerator. Modern technology continues enhancing refrigerators, making them attractive, fully functional focal points for the room.

Upgraded refrigerators have many features that prospective home buyers find convenient and appealing, such as:

  • Double doors
  • Built-in water and ice dispensers
  • Convertible bins with separate temperature controls
  • Smart technology
  • Improved energy-efficiency

Built-In Stoves

Many kitchens have standalone stoves with gas or electric ranges and an oven. You can upgrade an older stove to a stunning standalone model to make the kitchen more attractive. However, consider installing a stove with a built-in feel if the budget allows it.

Home buyers prefer features in houses that make life easier. Cleaning a built-in stove that fits close between two cabinets becomes more manageable because the lack of space on the sides of the appliance minimizes mess. A flat glass range and a self-cleaning oven will increase the appliance’s usefulness and convenience.

Another reason to consider installing a built-in stove stems from the aesthetic. Self-contained appliances fit so close to the neighboring cabinets that they look like they are part of the cabinetry. This feature can help the kitchen design look more cohesive.

Washers and Dryers

If you include a washer and dryer in your home sale, make sure you have a high-efficiency model. It’s not uncommon for home sales to include these appliances in the sale price. These appliances can make your property more appealing and fetch a better price.

When looking for high-efficiency washers, look for those with a front load capacity and a matching dryer. It helps to check for washers and dryers with the Energy Star logo, which ensures the appliances won’t consume excessive energy to clean and dry clothing. You can also look for added features, like Wi-Fi capabilities or a steam dry function to minimize wrinkles.

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