Custom Bedroom Closet Or Bust

When last did you consider your bedroom closet?

When you consider installing custom cabinets, the first place you assume they go is in the kitchen. The next place you consider installing cabinets is probably the bathroom. But you have left out one critical place for luxurious cabinetry. Yes, the bedroom closet often gets tossed aside like dirty laundry. Walk-in closets are often forgotten because they are likely out of sight out of mind. But think again if your wife or clothes loving partner has anything to say about it. Anyone who loves clothes needs a space to put them and while you are constructing gorgeous luxury cabinets within a fancy closet don’t forget the shoes.

Most likely when you moved into your home, your significant other made a beeline to one of two places – the master bath or the master closet. If you didn’t notice, perhaps you were too busy counting to see that there were three garages for both cars and storage. instead of upstairs or on the other side of the house counting to see just how many shoes can fit in the closet. If the homes closet was small but there is room for a larger one, it is time to upgrade. Upgrade the closet that is, no need to run out and buy a new home just yet. Consider having us come out and install a custom closet to maximize the space you have on hand.

If you decide not to remodel the tiny master closet, you better be prepared to keep your clothes in a different room. Fashionistas need plenty of room for all their goodies. Which means you will be taking a hike to get to your clothes – or your clothes will be smooshed into a tiny foot-and-a-half hanging rack while your significant other has 10 feet of space. There are more reasons to consider building a new closet or to updating your old one besides space. More likely than not, the current closet design is outdated.

You might be missing out on some of the nuances that today’s new closets have. If it is time to sell your home, an updated closet can only help with the process. The reason is this – many potential home buyers are looking for a move-in ready house. Upgrading the closet is not a huge deal or as expensive as a lost sale, but it can charm anyone with refined taste. Once you have decided to remodel the closet, the fun begins. It will be time to decide exactly how many shelves for the shoes, whether there will be doors or open space, and what color wood or finish should be. Contact Royal Palm Closet to get the best advice on available styles and layouts for you to choose from.

Before you know it, you will have a gorgeous brand new closet. You or your partner will be the envy of everyone in the neighborhood. A customized walk-in closet will add appeal to your home and help it also sell faster meaning you simply can’t go wrong. The best part is that it can be as custom as you want it to be and when all is said and done you can get to organizing your wardrobe the way you always wanted!

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