Create a Dream Bathoom for Your Teenage Daughter

If you have a teenage daughter, she probably spends a lot of time in the bathroom getting ready each day. She loves doing her makeup and experimenting with new hairstyles, and she also enjoys relaxing in a warm bubble bath at the end of a busy week.

Imagine the joy on your daughter’s face when she finds out you’ve remodeled a bathroom just for her! If you’re ready to create the perfect space for your teenage princess, consider the following ideas.

Don’t Be Afraid to Go Bold

Most people choose neutral colors and patterns for bathrooms, but you can really let your daughter’s style shine through in this project! Bold wall colors can brighten up the room and add drama, and you can add a patterned shower curtain or rugs for even more flair.

Since the bathroom will be primarily used by your teen, it’s a great place to make bold choices. Ask for her input, and implement her favorite colors, hobbies and other fun personal touches into the room. Adding black and white photos on the wall is another way to make the room feel personal and special.

Help Her Stay Organized

Since bathrooms are normally the smallest rooms in a home, it’s easy for them to feel unorganized and cluttered. Fortunately, Royal Palm Closet Design & Fine Cabinetry can help you design solutions to keep the bathroom neat and organized.

When you meet with our designer, you can give us your wish list for your bathroom, and we’ll turn your dreams into reality. Having the right storage options makes a huge difference, so we can customize your bathroom shelves and cabinets to meet your specific needs. When there’s a specific place for makeup, medicine, towels and other items, it’s much easier to keep everything organized and looking great.

Custom cabinetry is beautiful as well as functional, so we’ll design cabinets that add to the value of your home while fitting seamlessly with the style of your bathroom.

Mix It Up with Accessories

Once you have completed the basics of the bathroom, the fun of designing really begins! You can infuse your teen’s personal style into the room without spending a fortune by adding accessories. If she loves animal prints, choose a zebra print shower curtain and striped hand towels.

Teens love to change their minds, so switching out the accessories is a great way to give the bathroom a whole new look without completing a major remodeling project. Use a single color for the walls, and change the look of the room by adding new stripes, patterns or accents with your accessories.

Royal Palm Closet Design & Fine Cabinetry has created hundreds of solutions for customers in the greater Fort Myers area, and we’d love to assist you, too. Whether you’re ready to create the ideal bathroom for your daughter or you need custom cabinetry for your kitchen, our talented designers can create solutions that meet both your needs and your budget.

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