Childproofing Your Cabinets

Customized cabinets can add a touch of elegance to your kitchen or bath. However, if you have small children, especially curious toddlers, it is important that your kitchen and bathroom cabinets offer protection to keep little hands from exploring dangerous items that are typically stored within them. These products provide safety features from chemicals and other items stored in cabinets that could cause them serious injury.

Magnetic Cabinet Locks

One of the best ways to keep items stored in cabinets from a child’s curious fingers is magnetic cabinet locks. These types of locks normally come in a set with a single key that opens all of the locks in the set. The locks are mounted inside the cabinets so that the cabinet remains locked until you hold the magnetic key in front of the lock and pull the door open. They can be deactivated when you need easy access to cabinets. However, these types of locks do require installation using hardware, so be sure to choose locks that complement the type of custom cabinets you have installed in your bathroom or kitchen. You may even request that they be included as part of the customization of your kitchen or bathroom cabinets to insure that the locks will blend well into your décor.

Adhesive Mount Cabinet Locks

A less permanent method for protecting your children from items stored in cabinets is adhesive mounted locks. An adhesive mounted lock has two anchor points that are attached to your cabinet using adhesive. Some have a button that must be pushed in order to release the lock, while others are a lever that is pressed down to release it from the locking mechanism. Be sure to clean the area where the adhesive will be attached with alcohol to insure that it remains fastened. When you want to remove the lock, over-the-counter adhesive removers will often remove the sticky substance with no damage to the cabinets.

Cord Cabinet Locks

If your cabinets have side-by-side round knobs, cord cabinet locks are an excellent solution if you do not want to install permanent locks on your cabinets or you prefer not using adhesives. Cord cabinet locks wrap around the knobs of the cabinet and tighten so that children cannot pull the cabinet doors open. They are very easy to release and can even be managed one-handed, an option many busy mothers will find beneficial. They are not permanent, so you can easily remove them when they are not needed and replace them when you need them.

There are many other childproofing options available to keep small children from accessing your kitchen or bathroom cabinets, including sliding locks and spring release latches. You can choose spring release latches that attach to the inside of the cabinet or that connect to the handles or knobs to keep children from opening the closet doors. If you are considering custom cabinets, contact Royal Palm Closets to begin designing your new custom kitchen or bath. They can provide you with information on cabinets as well as items available to protect your children from items stored within those cabinets.

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