Do you see your cabinetry as storage fixture or an essential element that makes your kitchen more appealing? Cabinetry is not only intended for storage – with many designs to choose from nowadays, you can spruce up your kitchen any way you like. Minimalism is immensely popular, but this does not mean that bold and wild options are out. There is a fusion of simplicity and boldness in today’s current kitchen cabinetry trends. So if you want to remodel your kitchen, here are the hottest trends to consider:

1. Endless Options Of Cabinet Finishes

Technology has kicked cabinetry styling up a notch by giving homeowners more options to explore. Today’s finish choices are numerous and exciting. For your kitchen to have a unique appeal, you will need to take advantage of these one-of-a-kind choices. In the past, the cabinetry only had a natural wood look. The cabinetry trends now give homeowners the option to choose a different color for the upper cabinetry and the base cabinetry, a glossy or matte finish, as well as different bevels. The focus is now on creating an exciting design and bold statement.

2. Oak Is Back

Oakwood has made a comeback but with a touch of modern appeal. The new version is creatively engineered to suit modern tastes. Although the color is neutral, blending it with other elements makes oak cabinetry more appealing. If you want a rustic look for your kitchen, oak wood will never disappoint. Since oak wood looks natural, it is one of the preferred choices of homeowners who prefer simple but interesting cabinetry.

3. Color Customization

The kitchen designs you choose will depend on your taste. The best thing about the current kitchen cabinetry trends is that homeowners have more options to choose from. These trends will finally let you say goodbye to cookie-cutter kitchen concepts. Having the ability to customize colors will give you the freedom to select wonderful finish colors. Whether your want navy, red, grey, or black, you will be spoilt for choices. You can choose from three major color categories: dark, medium, and light.

4. Large Single Bowl Sinks

A double bowl sink was once trendy, but since handwashing dishes is no longer a regular household chore, large single bowl sinks are now a trend. These sinks had large deep sizes and designed for large items. Even faucets are not limited to one design. You can now add more style or color to your kitchen because modern faucets now come in all curves, twists, and shapes.

5. Open Shelves

If you want your kitchen cabinetry to have cutting-edge style, open shelving is the design to watch out for. It is ideal for smaller kitchens because it creates an illusion of more space. Your kitchen’s overall look and feel will depend on what you place on your shelves. So to give your kitchen a high impact, put your bowl, glass, and utensil on your shelves. They will look more organized if you consider buying utensils with decorative elements. Avoid overloading the wall shelving to minimize clutter and to maintain the elegance of your kitchen.

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