While it certainly would be easier to design your dream kitchen with an endless amount of space to play with, the fact is that sometimes we have to work within space constraints. Large or small, it is possible to update your kitchen and make it both the work space and focal point of your home that you always wanted. If you are ready to remodel a small kitchen, here are a few design tricks and ideas that can help you get a fabulous kitchen that is also functional and efficient.

Corner Space

corner drawer kitchen cabinet solution

One way to get the most out of every square inch of space in a kitchen is to make sure you take full advantage of the corner. Corners are tricky because, they are normally wasted space. They tend to be cluttered and difficult to maneuver in when you are looking for what you need. One way to make a corner more functional is to install a lazy Susan cabinet. This type of corner cabinet rotates for easy access to the back of the shelf. Another option that will give you more usable space in a corner is installing corner drawers. Modern corner drawers create extremely usable storage with easy access to storage.

The Kitchen Island

Create counter space, storage, and even add a sink or a cook-top by installing an island in the center of your kitchen. Kitchen islands bring with them numerous options for adding storage and functionality to a kitchen. You can even put a bar stool or two next two one to create a fun new eating area.

Light and Illusion

Playing with light is a way to make a kitchen appear larger that does not involve knocking down walls. Big windows allowing as much sun as possible into the kitchen light it up and give the illusion of a much bigger room. Installing lights under cabinets and in glass cabinets is a powerful way to brighten the room and give it more dimension.

Revamp Appliances

Smaller spaces need appliances that are created to be space savers. There is more than one way to keep appliances off the counters: microwaves can be installed in microwave drawers or under counters and that holds true for ovens as well. Refrigerators come in a variety of depths. A compact fridge that has a depth of 24 inches versus 30 inches will eliminate a small amount of storage in the refrigerator, but will help save a lot of space in the kitchen.

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Every Inch Counts

There is no reason to have unused space that isn’t working for you. If you are left with a few empty inches next to kitchen appliances or in between cabinets, a spice rack is an excellent way to give it purpose while freeing up space elsewhere. A built in shelf instead of a flat back splash is both appealing to the eye and can hold items that need to be reached for quickly while cooking.