If you have a master bathroom, an adjoining walk-in closet is going to be ideal because it makes the transition from your shower to your closet much easier. It is such a time and space saver because it gives you the option to store your linens and clothes in one place. One of the struggles of most homeowners is to keep things organized.

A custom dual storage solution is the way to go because it can streamline your morning and evening routine. Connected closet area and bathroom give you comfort and convenience. Here are the benefits of having a walk-in closet connected to your bathroom:

Gets rid of clutters in your closet

A bathroom with a walk-in closet helps you organize your things including your linens and towels. With enough space for your clothes, you can be sure that you don’t have to store other essential items elsewhere. You can also keep your laundry hampers and ironing boards without worrying about the space left. You’ll be able to transition seamlessly from taking a bath or shower to finding towels and clothes, to ironing, getting dressed, and putting finishing touches, without ever leaving your cozy combo space.

When your laundry hampers are in the same place, dirty towels and clothes are less likely to end up on the floor, bed, or other furniture in your room. These days, hampers are fashionable and trendy. They don’t look like your ordinary hamper. If you have a custom closet, modern pull-out hampers blend well with them.

Ironing becomes more convenient

Have you ever experienced running late, just to discover that your favorite pair of pants, or shirt, is full of creases? Instead of hunting down your ironing board from a separate area of your house, wrapped in a towel, wouldn’t it be great to simply fold it out of your closet wall?

You can do this in one space if you install a sleek ironing board that you can simply hide when not in use, there is no need to go to the next room just to get things done. It is also more practical as you will be using only one part of your closet on a daily basis.

Keeps racks and shelving more organized

Linens and towels often end up in a laundry hamper, but things can get a bit disorganized when these items are lying around. With a towel rack or shelving, you’ll be able to keep your basic items more accessible when you need them. Although basic units are fine, some spaces can be left underutilized. The solution to this is to fit your linens into the shelving unit designed explicitly for shirts or towels.

You can also have a custom closet organizers as they can provide you with the entire space for you to make your morning routine a breeze. You can either choose to install an island in your closet or the floor-to-ceiling storage. The dual storage makes your closet fully functional and more enjoyable to use.

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